You can earn bumper from teak cultivation, do you know how to plant it

सागवान की खेती से कर सकते हैं बंपर कमाई, क्या आप जानते हैं इसे लगाने का तरीका

How To Cultivate Teak (Signal Image)

Teak wood is very expensive as well as being strong. Therefore S is also grown commercially. It is used to make plywood, ships, railway coaches and many types of valuable furniture because it is very durable. Its plants are also used to make medicines. Many types of special properties are found in teak wood, due to which it is always in demand in the markets. There are never termites in teak wood. According to the information, its tree lives for 200 years.

teak market

The teak market is still 95 percent empty as only five percent of the demand for teak in the country is met. Therefore, there can be a big opportunity for its cultivation and good earnings can also be made. Many farmers are earning good profits by cultivating it. The risk in its cultivation is very less.

how to cultivate teak

Teak plants do not require any special kind of soil to grow, its plants can be easily grown in loamy soil, but keep in mind that water does not freeze in the place where it is grown. Because in the event of waterlogging, the risk of disease in its plants increases. The pH value of the land in its cultivation should be between 6.5 to 7.5. For good growth of teak plants, dry and humid climate is required. Teak plants grow well in normal temperature.

These varieties will benefit

To get good earnings from teak, it is very important to select the improved variety of plants. Although all these varieties are common in terms of yield, they are grown according to different climates. Some of the major varieties of teak are:- South and Central America teak, West African teak, Adilabad teak, Nilambar (Malabar) teak, Godavari teak and Konni teak are as follows. The length of all these varieties of trees is found to be different.

how to cultivate teak

First of all plow the fields well. The old crop residue of the field should be eliminated by deep plowing. After this, keeping a distance of 8 to 10 feet in the field, two feet wide and one and a half feet deep pits should be prepared. Teak plants need more fertilizer. Therefore, one month before transplanting its plants, mix 500 GM NPK with 15 KG old cow dung manure and leave it in the soil. The pits are prepared one month before transplanting. Teak plants are transplanted in the form of seeds and then in the form of plants. The plants brought for transplanting its plants should be about two years old, because the two year old plant grows well.

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