You can earn better through sheep rearing at less cost, you will also get discount on loan, know how

भेड़पालन के जरिये कम लागत में कर सकते हैं बेहतर कमाई, लोन पर भी मिलेगी छूट, जानें कैसे

Better earning can be done through sheep rearing in less cost (Signal picture)

Farmers of India do animal husbandry along with agriculture, animal husbandry becomes a source of additional income for them. The farmers of the country mostly use cow, buffalo and goat for use in agriculture. However, there are many states where sheep rearing is done on a large scale. Sheep rearing can be a better option of earning for small and marginal farmers as the cost is very less. Because sheep feed their stomachs by eating wild grass or weeds, the farmers are saved the cost of feeding in sheep rearing. This business has seen a lot of growth in the last few years.

Sheep grow at a fast pace

Sheep are mainly reared for wool, meat and milk. Sheep meat is considered very nutritious. But most of the demand for wool is there, for this sheep rearing is done. The physical development of sheep is very fast. Apart from this, its maintenance cost is very less. According to the 20th Animal Census in the country, there are more than 10 million sheep in the country. In fact, in many ways, sheep rearing is much easier than other animals, because sheep are smaller in size. Due to which they can be easily followed in less space. Apart from this, it can be reared in any climate.

how to do sheep farming

Sheep rearing is done in almost all the countries of the world. Sheep rearing has been going on in India for centuries. In this case, India is the third largest sheep rearing country. The sheep farming business is increasing continuously in the country. Therefore, if you also want to do sheep rearing, then get complete information related to it.

  • For commercial sheep rearing, start with at least 20 female sheep and one male sheep.
  • The cost of sheep depends on its breed and depends on its age.
  • The cost of a sheep ranges from three to eight thousand rupees, in this way this business can be started in one lakh rupees.
  • A shed of 500 square feet is considered sufficient for 20 sheep, but it should be open and ventilated. It is prepared in thirty to 40 thousand rupees.
  • Male sheep are kept separate from female sheep so that special attention can be paid to their feeding habits. Apart from this, they are also violent.
  • The conceived sheep should also be kept separate from the rest of the sheep, although three to four conceived sheep can be kept together.
  • Sheep are grazed in the open, they mainly eat wild grass and leaves of trees. But they should be grazed only in the morning and evening.
  • Government assistance for sheep rearing
  • To promote sheep rearing, the government has implemented a better credit system.

Financial assistance by the government for sheep rearing

For sheep rearing, a maximum financial assistance of Rs 1 lakh is provided by the government, out of which 90% of the amount is given to the farmer in the form of loan and the remaining 10% amount has to be carried by the sheep palak himself. Out of 90% of the amount given by the government in the form of loan, 50 percent of the amount does not have to be paid interest to the animal husband. Whereas you have to pay interest on the remaining 40% amount. The period for repayment of this loan has been fixed by the government for 9 years.

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