You are watching the Taliban… now know how girls study in Pakistan schools

तालिबान का तो आप देख ही रहे हैं... अब जानिए पाकिस्तान के स्कूलों में कैसे पढ़ती हैं लड़कियां

Pakistan Girls Education: News is coming out about the separate education system for girls in Taliban. At the same time, changes are being made in Pakistan as well.

About 22.5 million children in Pakistan are unable to go to school, mostly girls.

The Taliban have taken over Afghanistan. Now the Taliban has also started imposing its rules on the people of Afghanistan. Recently, from the removal of posters of girls from the market, a lot of changes have been made in the education system as well. In colleges, schools where boys and girls study together, curtains have been put up between boys and girls, so that no one can see each other. After these changes in the Taliban, now changes are being made in Pakistan as well.

Recently, Pakistan had issued rules regarding the clothes of teachers in the school, in which it was said that now teachers will not be able to wear jeans, tops or any tight clothes. In such a situation, we know what is the status of girls’ education in Pakistan and how different is the system from Taliban.

Status of Girls Education in Pakistan?

According to reports, about 22.5 million children in Pakistan are unable to go to school, mostly girls. The graph of girls’ education in Pakistan is very low and in higher education, this figure is very less. If we talk about the 9th class, then only 13 percent of the girls are able to reach here while the rest of the girls study less than this. If we talk about rural areas, then the system is even worse there. Let us tell you that out of 1 lakh 63 thousand schools in Pakistan, there are only 40 thousand girls schools.

How do girls study?

Let us tell you that same sex education is effective in Pakistan. That is, most of the schools in Pakistan are according to the same sex education, which means children of the same sex will study in a school. For example, if there is a school for boys, then only boys will study there and if there is a school for girls, then girls will study there. There are very few schools where boys and boys study together. Even if you study together, then there are many types of rules.

Separate rules for women teachers

In Pakistan, there are many rules regarding teachers as well as children. Female teachers are forbidden to come to school wearing jeans, or tight clothes. Women teachers in Pakistan have been asked to wear simple salwar kameez, dupatta, shawl etc. Also, women teachers have been asked to wear scarves or hijabs. In winter, it has been asked to wear coats, blazers, sweaters, jerseys, shawls etc. Also, they are forbidden to wear slippers.

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