Yield can be up to 75 quintals in one hectare, this variety of wheat is a profitable deal for the farmers of these areas

एक हेक्टेयर में 75 क्विंटल तक हो सकती है पैदावार, इन क्षेत्रों के किसानों के लिए फायदे का सौदा है गेहूं की यह किस्म

The best variety of wheat for the farmers of North West Plains.

The time for sowing wheat, the main crop of Rabi season, is going on. Now farmers are giving priority to cultivation of good yield and quality wheat. Pusa HD (Hybrid) 3226 is one such variety of wheat. In which the production is tremendous. This variety is a profitable deal for the farmers of North West Plain. It should be sown by the last week of October. That is, now only 10-12 days are left for sowing this variety.

PP Maurya, Senior Technical Officer, Center for Agricultural Technology Assessment and Transfer (CATAT), said that farmers get a yield of 60 to 75 quintals per hectare in this variety. It takes 145 to 150 days to prepare. It has been developed by the Genetics Division of the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI).

For which areas is this variety of wheat

According to agricultural scientists, this variety (Wheat Variety HD 3226) Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, Rajasthan (except Kota and Udaipur divisions), Western Uttar Pradesh (except Jhansi division), Jammu and Kathua district of Jammu and Kashmir, Una district ( Himachal Pradesh) and has been released for commercial cultivation in the Panota Valley (terai region) of Uttarakhand.

disease resistance

The specialty of this wheat is that it does not get diseases. Highly resistant to yellow, brown and black rust. Apart from this, colonel bunt is also highly resistant to powdery mildew, sloth fungus and foot rot. The seed rate is 100 kg per hectare.

how is the quality

-High protein (12.8% average)
– High dry and wet lassa
– fine grain
-Average zinc 36.8 ppm

Spray required after 50 days

Maurya told that this species grows rapidly. Therefore, it should be sprayed with livosis growth regulator after the age of 50 days. Due to which the plants will not grow much. Otherwise there is a fear of falling. Its 125 ml drug should be dissolved in 150 to 200 liters and sprayed in one acre. First irrigation after 21 days of sowing and later as required.

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