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Women farmers of Gumla, writing a new success story, have sold thousands of liters of pure mustard oil through FPO

Women farmers selling pure mustard oil through FPO in Jharkhand (Photo: NewsNCR)

Women Farmers FPO: Women farmers are selling pure mustard oil through Mahila Kisan Swavalamban Trust, an FPO run by rural women farmers in Gumla district of Jharkhand. Oil is crushed here through a machine powered by solar energy. Mustard for oil is produced by women farmers associated with FPOs.

In Jharkhand, women are coming out openly in the field of agriculture and are becoming self-reliant with better earnings. Rural women farmers of the state (Women FarmersVarious organizations are playing an important role in bringing forward. Rural women together with FPO (FPO) and through this is selling its agricultural products in the market at a good price. The villages are getting the maximum benefit from this. In Gumla district also women FPOs are doing various jobs. in which mustard oil (Mustard Oil) Crushing is also included, rural women are now extracting mustard oil and feeding pure oil to the people. The demand for their oil is also very high.

Mahila Kisan Swavalamban Trust in collaboration with the organization provided in Gumla district (Mahila Kisan Swawlamban Trust) FPO was created. There are 2500 women farmers in this FPO. In FPO’s, women are in different jobs through different groups. who do different types of agriculture. Rahul Pathak, executive of Pradan in Gumla, told that the construction of the oil mill was done by the Emlinda Trust (Mlinda Trust) was done only three or four years ago. It was installed in Gumla and Raidih blocks but it was not being operated properly. To make it operational in a better way, an MoU was signed between Emlinda Trust and Gumla Mahila Kisan Swavalamban Trust in February 2022. After this, the production of oil from here started in the month of April.

solar powered motor

The best feature of the oil dispenser here is that it does not require electricity. It is completely powered by solar energy. Three phase electricity connection has been given here from the solar grid. Therefore, the advantage of women in this is that they do not have to pay electricity bills, nor does it cause pollution. On top of that money is also saved. The operators of this mill are also women who are associated with FPO. Due to running on solar energy, women comfortably run it according to their time and need.

Mustard cultivation encouraged

Mustard was needed to start the mustard oil mill. To meet this need, 253 women farmers of the area together cultivated mustard in 125 acres. Scientific method was used in farming. Women were given training for modern cultivation of mustard before cultivation. Improved seeds were used for agriculture. Along with agricultural inputs were also given. The sites with the facility of solar lift irrigation were selected so that the yield could be good. After this the oil mill was started. Since starting, every day women are getting orders from around Ranchi including Ranchi. In the same day, women have sold more than two thousand liters of oil. Women are selling pure mustard oil at the rate of Rs 200 per litre.

so is the capacity of the machine

One unit each is engaged in Gumla and Raidih blocks. One unit can crush up to five thousand kg of mustard in a month. In this way, 10 thousand kg of mustard can be crushed in two units per month. For this, mustard is being procured at the local level. Mustard is being purchased at the rate of Rs 60-62 per kg. Whereas, lotni (black mustard) is being purchased at the rate of Rs 55-58 per kg. Also local people come here. They are given one liter of mustard oil after depositing three kg of mustard. The rest of the mustard cake is kept in the mill itself. Even by selling it, the women of FPO can earn good money. The unit also has a filter through which filtration of mustard oil is done. It is then filled in one liter and five liter cans.

women becoming financially independent

Pradan’s executive Rahul Pathak told that the rural women farmers associated with it through FPO are becoming financially self-sufficient. The women associated with this now tell that after the start of the oil mill, now they will get pure mustard oil to eat and will also be able to give pure mustard oil to the people. After the start of the mustard mill, now the fields will not remain empty after the rains. Mustard will be cultivated in those lands. The entire mustard will be procured by the FPO at a good price. Rahul told that this will increase the income of women because it costs three thousand rupees to cultivate mustard in 50 discs while earning Rs 24000.

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First to promote FPO

Ashok Kumar Sinha, Agriculture Development Officer of Gumla district told NewsNCR that he has also bought 25 liters of mustard oil from the FPO. The quality of the oil is quite good. He said that efforts are being made to strengthen the FPOs in every block of the district. Backward and forward linkage is being provided for them. Processing facilities are being made available to the farmers. He said that earlier farmers used to do farming but were scattered. Now through FPO they have come under one roof. With this, they will get good prices for their crops, their earnings will increase.

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