Why is the memorandum submitted to the President on big issues, is there action after that? what is the full meaning of this

बड़े मुद्दों पर राष्ट्रपति को क्यों सौंपा जाता है ज्ञापन, क्या इसके बाद होती है कार्रवाई? इसका पूरा मतलब क्या है

It is used in the form of official letter to memorandum between various departments of the ministry. (file photo)

A party delegation led by former Congress President Rahul Gandhi has submitted a memorandum to President Ram Nath Kovind regarding the Lakhimpur Kheri violence case. Congress delegation met the President and submitted a memorandum. This is not the first time, in the past also Congress has submitted memorandum to the President on many issues. Apart from this, many political parties or organizations submit memorandums to the President on many important issues.

In such a situation, the question is what is this memorandum and what is written in the memorandum that is submitted to the President. If you are also interested to know it, then let us tell you what is the meaning of the memorandum and why it is given. Also many other special information related to this…

What is a memorandum?

Before understanding about the Presidential memorandum, let us know what is this memorandum? Simply put, memorandum means to tell something to someone, to make someone aware of information, to make known, to inform etc. That is, if you give information about any issue in writing to someone, then it is called memorandum. For example, suppose you are giving information about the issue to someone in the form of correspondence, then you are giving him a memorandum.

In the form of a government letter, it is used between different departments of the ministry. It is also called official memorandum when used between different ministries and its departments. Similarly, if any organization or person or party informs the President, Governor, Collector or dignitary about any issue and asks them to assist or intervene in that matter, then it is called a memorandum. In a way, complaining to a person can also be a memorandum.

What does it mean to submit a memorandum to the President?

It is not that the memorandum is given only to the President, but also to the Governor, Collector etc. Whenever there are any big issues or there is any issue related to the public, then a memorandum is given to the President, similarly a memorandum can be given on any small issue. Actually, the President of India is the head of state and exercises the powers as prescribed in the Constitution of India. Also, the President has many constitutional powers, which he can use on many major issues.

In such a situation, the President is made aware of any issue by meeting or sending a memorandum to him and asked to intervene in that issue. The President is appealed to intervene in this issue and give an order.

What is written in the memorandum?

The memorandum is written in the form of an application form and detailed information is given. Apart from this, it is requested to intervene with the information of the issue. That is, in writing, your point is conveyed to the person concerned.

It is not necessary to give to the President

Whenever a memorandum has to be given to the President, it is not necessary that it should be given to the President together. It can be sent by anyone to the President. Like many times a memorandum is also submitted to the President through the Governor, Collector. In such a case, the memorandum is submitted by writing ‘by’ in the memorandum.

What happens after this?

After submitting the memorandum to the President, it is up to the President and his office what action they take on it. The President takes appropriate decision using his powers and takes any action on the memorandum.

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