Why is papaya considered a panacea for the stomach? Here are its surprising benefits

पपीते को पेट के लिए रामबाण क्यों समझा जाता है? ये हैं इसके हैरान कर देने वाले फायदे

Papaya contains fiber, carotene, vitamins C, E, A and many other minerals.

Whether there is a problem of the intestine in the stomach or of the liver, regular consumption of papaya can get rid of serious stomach problems. Papaya plants are so beneficial that many diseases of the body can be directly fought by using its leaves, roots, stems and seeds.

In such a situation, know what happens in papaya that they are so beneficial. Also know that papaya can be used for which problems of the body.

Let us know why papayas are so beneficial?

Papaya contains fiber, carotene, vitamin C, E, A and many other minerals which are very important to keep the body healthy. Papaya is rich in Vitamin C as well as Vitamin A is also in sufficient quantity which is helpful in increasing eyesight. In 1977, after a kidney operation in a London hospital, the infection was rapidly removed with the use of papaya. After this, due to its magical use, it was featured in the headlines in all London newspapers. People came to know about the importance of papaya right from the time when people in South Africa used papaya pulp in bundles to treat ulcers and wounds. By doing this the wounds would get better. That is why papaya is called the golden fruit of the golden tree and it is considered a priceless gift of nature.

Papaya is needed in the treatment of stomach disease

Papaya contains a substance called papain, which is very effective in digesting the meat in the stomach. The ability to easily digest heavy diets is the specialty of papaya, which gives it a different status from other fruits. Papaya seeds are used for medicine. Many types of papaya fruit salads are used and if a piece of it is included, then it is considered very beneficial for teeth and bone diseases. People of olden times used to call papaya a life-sparing fruit. Vasco da Gama called it the golden fruit of the golden moment.

The presence of vitamin A, iron and vitamin C, calcium and potassium in papaya play an important role in making it a special fruit. Apart from this, if papaya pulp is applied on the face, then the face starts glowing. Along with this, the role of papaya in curing stomach diseases to improving digestion is fantastic.

treatment of scurvy

Deficiency of vitamin C causes scurvy disease. It is said that the famous tourist Marco Polo and his companions had a disease of teeth and bones scurvy. The bleeding from his teeth was not stopping and the problems in the bones had increased, then with the help of more papaya, all the companions became healthy. Obviously the role of papaya was important in getting rid of scurvy disease. The problem of teeth is due to the deficiency of vitamin C and the high amount of vitamin C in papaya is considered beneficial.

Treating abdominal discomfort or heaviness

The use of papaya proves to be beneficial in case of heaviness in the stomach. There is such a specialty in papaya that can create unique strength in a person and increase in age. That is why it is also called the fruit of life and the golden fruit of the golden tree. Including papaya in the diet of children is considered essential for their better health. It is said that when Columbus discovered America, he was very surprised to see the people there. The people there were found to use meat and fish a lot in food, but they did not feel any kind of stomach discomfort or heaviness. Actually, there was a custom of eating papaya with food, so the digestive power of the people was very strong.

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