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Why does a mobile company send updates frequently? What do you lose if you don’t update?

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You often get messages related to software updates in the smartphone, but you ignore those notifications. Because the update takes a long time and it also takes a lot of data to update. But not updating the software is a mistake. Because in the update, companies give many such things which are beneficial for you.

So let’s know the benefits of software update

will get new features

In the last few days, there have been many updates of WhatsApp and every time the company has given some new features. This happens often in updates. Companies offer new features with applications and operating systems.

speed increases

In the update, an attempt is made to make the apps smarter than before, so that their speed can be better than before. The features available in the app can be accessed faster, faster in typing or faster streams if you have a video app.

operating will be better

During software updates, along with security and new features, the effort is also to make the use of the application more easy. With the advent of new technology phones in the market, applications are made compatible with hardware and operating through software.

the flaws will go away

While using an app, you often find some drawbacks. In such a situation, companies try to remove those flaws by giving updates so that the user can not face any problem.

Security is better than ever

To protect your phone and email ID from hackers, companies pay the most attention to security updates in software updates. Applications and operating systems are further improved by removing security-related flaws.

Hacking can also happen if the software is not updated

Failure to update the software can put your phone’s security at risk. That means your phone can be hacked. That’s why updating software is extremely important. Android is the largest mobile operating system in the world. That’s why most hacking attacks also happen on Android itself. That’s why the company ensures the security of your phone by sending updates frequently. The company also releases security patches every month every month for better security. So that your phone is safe. So whenever a new software update comes, update your mobile as soon as possible.


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