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Why are the farmers cultivating garlic in Madhya Pradesh upset?

Garlic Price: Last year in Madhya Pradesh, farmers got the price of garlic up to Rs 12 thousand per quintal, but this time only Rs 3000 is being given. This year the farmers are not even able to recover the cost.

Garlic producing farmers are not getting fair price.

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The farmers’ problem regarding the price is not taking the name of ending. These days the cultivation of garlic in Madhya Pradesh (Garlic Farming) farmers are very upset. Last year, where he was getting a rate of up to Rs 12 thousand per quintal, this time he has to be satisfied with only Rs 3000. Onion farmers (Farmer) were already very upset, now the price on garlic growers (Price) is getting hit for not getting it. The farmers of Jabalpur region had increased the area of ​​garlic crop this year due to good prices in 2021.

Last year, even in the initial season, garlic was being sold at a price of about Rs 4 thousand to 5 thousand per quintal. But, after leaving the season, its rate had reached 10 to 12 thousand rupees in the last. Looking at last year, farmers have increased the area of ​​garlic this time by 10 thousand hectares. But due to non-availability of good prices, their hopes were dashed.

How will farmers recover from bad weather and low prices?

This year the farmers cultivating garlic are suffering a lot. Due to this the farmers of Jabalpur area are very upset. Last year, where farmers used to make good profits in the cultivation of garlic. At the same time, due to the indifference of the weather this year, the cost of the farmers is not even coming out. Hit the bottom price from above. Due to these two reasons, farmers are expected to suffer a lot in garlic cultivation this year.

price is much less than the cost

Farmers say that the cost of production of garlic is very high. Farmers told that about 8000 per quintal of garlic seed comes. Overall, the cost of one acre is around 10 thousand rupees. But still its price is getting only Rs 3000 per quintal in the market. Due to this the farmers are suffering. The farmers are not understanding that how will its cost come out.

how much area and how much production

According to the Union Agriculture Ministry, during the year 2020-21, garlic has been cultivated in 390000 hectares in the country, which is estimated to produce about 3184000 metric tons. Earlier in the year 2019-20, garlic was cultivated in 352000 hectares and 2926000 metric tonnes was produced. Madhya Pradesh is the largest producer of garlic. At the same time, its producing farmers are upset.

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