Who collided with the ‘USS Connecticut’ in the South China Sea, is China planning any conspiracy?

दक्षिण चीन सागर में किससे टकराया 'यूएसएस कनेक्टिकट', क्या चीन रच रहा है कोई साजिश?

US submarine collides with unknown object in South China Sea. (US Submarine Hits Unwanted Object in South China Sea)

A US nuclear-powered submarine named ‘USS Connecticut’ of the Sea-Wolf class, on the afternoon of October 2, collided with an ‘unknown object’ in the deep waters of the South China Sea, injuring 15 American sailors aboard. The ‘USS Connecticut’ was in a secret mission in this area. According to US officials, this submarine collided with an unknown object on Saturday.

This mysterious incident has happened at a place where China has been showing eyes to Taiwan and other neighboring countries for the last few months. The US Navy is continuously patrolling this area with its aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines to rein in the growing dominance of China in this area.

This nuclear submarine of the Sea-Wolf class, the victim of the accident, was about 353 feet long, weighing 7,568 tons. This submarine was commissioned in the year 1988. In this, 116 crew members, including 15 officers, are on board during the patrol. This nuclear submarine has the capacity to carry 40 torpedoes or missiles. More than 100 naval mines can be placed on the USS Connecticut, which specializes in laying landmines in the sea.

How and with whom this nuclear submarine of the Sea-Wolf class collided is not yet known. A US Navy spokesman has said that after the accident, the submarine is now moving towards the Guam coast of America. However, there was no damage to the nuclear power plant and other important parts of ‘USS Connecticut’ in the accident. ‘USS Connecticut’ is working fine. A US Navy official said that a full review of the damage caused to the submarine by the collision would be done only after reaching the designated port. The submarine has safely arrived at a port in the US Navy’s 7th Fleet for repairs.

Is this just a simple accident?

With this nuclear submarine equipped with modern technology and the trained personnel aboard, such an incident is a matter of concern. Is this just an accident? Is this a human mistake? The collision of a nuclear submarine made with such a modern technology itself is a question on the credibility of the war resources prepared by America. Is China behind this mysterious accident? Both the time and place of this accident are doubtful.

Just weeks before this accident, the US, Britain and Australia had signed a historic agreement ‘Ocus Pact’, under which the US would share the technology to build Australia with a nuclear-powered submarine, aimed at curbing the growing influence of China. .

Tension in the region due to China’s air encroachment on Taiwan

At present, relations between China and Taiwan are running very tense. Significantly, Chinese fighter planes are constantly encroaching on Taiwan’s airspace. In the first four days of October, close to 150 fighter planes of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China encroached on Taiwan’s airspace. This incident has created tension in the region. Because China is continuously infiltrating Taiwan’s Air Defense Zone. America has expressed confidence of supporting Taiwan.

China claims most of the South China Sea, but neighboring countries (Malaysia, Taiwan, the Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam) and the US disagree. China has been claiming almost the entire sea for decades, but in recent years due to the sharp attitude of China, tensions in this region have been increasing continuously. America has supported some of these countries.

Taiwan’s defense minister said tensions with China were at their worst level in 40 years. China may invade Taiwan by 2025. Taiwan regards itself as an independent nation, while China sees it as a rebel province that it can try to reclaim by force if necessary.

Last year, the US approved arms sales to Taiwan worth about $1.8 billion, raising Taiwan’s tensions with China. The Pentagon said the deal covers three weapon systems, including rocket launchers, sensors and artillery. The deal includes 135 precision-guided cruise missiles, as well as mobile light rocket launchers and air reconnaissance pods that can be attached to fighter jets at any time.

Chance of escalation between China and America

The withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan by the Joe Biden government and the way China is strengthening its hold in Afghanistan through Pakistan has tarnished America’s superpower image in the world. Experts believe that the communist government is worried about China’s economy and domestic politics. The governments of America and China can clash with each other about Taiwan to divert the attention of the people.

Xi and Biden may meet later this year

Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan and China’s top diplomat Yang Jiechi have met in Switzerland. The conversation lasted for about six hours. Cooperation and disagreement on various issues were discussed between the two countries. The issue of Taiwan also came up in the meeting. However, the main topic of discussion was to increase diplomatic contact between the two countries and reduce unnecessary misunderstandings. One of the most important steps taken by the two countries to achieve this goal is the finalization of plans for a meeting between the two heads of state, Xi Jinping and Joe Biden. They also want to end the ongoing trade war between the two countries. The meeting of the two heads of state is likely to be held by the end of 2021.

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