Where are the Dimple Of Venus in the body… Those women who belong to them are called lucky!

शरीर में कहां होते हैं Dimple Of Venus... जिन महिलाओं के होते हैं, उन्हें कहा जाता है भाग्यशाली!

Dimple Of Venus Causes: There is a dimple of Venus in the body of women and it is said that women who have these in their body are considered very lucky.

There is a dimple of Venus in the body of women and men, which is in the lower part of the waist. (symbolic photo)

Every person has a different body structure. Eyes are different in someone’s body, then someone’s hair or nose. Similarly, the story is of Dimple of Venus. These are also present in the body of some people and not in the body of some. Often these dimples are found in the body of women. You must also be wondering that what is this dimple of Venus and in which part of the body they are there, so that you can also find them in your body.

In such a situation, today we are giving you answers to the questions related to these special dimples, so that you get to know a lot about it. Know the special things related to this, about which it is said that people who have this in their body, they are very lucky.

What are Dimples of Venus?

They are like the same dimples that fall on your face. Often girls notice a lot about the dimples falling on the face. Well they are also similar to these, but their place is different. These are also two and are like a pit in a way. In these dimples also two pits fall like the face. These are called back dimples, duffy dimples, butt dimples or venereal dimples.

Where are you?

These Dimples of Venus are in the lower part of the waist. These are above the hips and on the lower part of the waist. Where we tie the pants, there are these dimples. You must have also understood that which two pits we are talking about. It also occurs in men, but is more common in women. The women who have these are seen with beauty. Also, it is seen as a sexy symbol. Often women who have these, they are also seen flaunting it. Now there is also a trend to get piercing done on them.

Why happen?

They are formed due to a ligament, which connects your spine and skin. Well it cannot be seen as a disease and it is normal. There is no formal name for these dimples, but they are known as such in the medical community. In this, the name Venus has been named because of the (Roman) goddess of beauty. The special thing is that you can neither make them nor erase them with exercise. It is not genetic, so it is not linked to heredity.

What are the misconceptions?

There are many misconceptions related to these dimples. Some people see it by connecting it with sex life, then many people say that the women who have these are called lucky. This happens only because of the ligament and skin and there is no connection of blood circulation in this place.

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