West Bengal BJP MP Arjun Singh’s area bombed again in Bhatpara, two injured due to bomb, got ‘Z’ category security

पश्चिम बंगाल के BJP सांसद अर्जुन सिंह के इलाके भाटपाड़ा में फिर हुई बमबारी, बम लगने से दो घायल, मिली 'Z' कैटगरी की सुरक्षा

Bombing in the area of ​​BJP MP Arjun Singh in Barrackpore in West Bengal is not taking its name to stop. After the bomb blast near the MP’s house in the morning, there was excitement in Bhatpara on Tuesday night and then the bombing was done.

Photo: BJP MP Arjun Singh and policeman.

Bombing in the area of ​​BJP MP Arjun Singh of Barrackpore in West Bengal is not taking its name to stop. After the bomb blast near the MP’s house on Tuesday morning, there was excitement in the Bhatpade area throughout the night. The miscreants again bombed and weapons were waved in the air and a youth was injured by hitting him on the head with the butt of a pistol. On the other hand, another youth has been seriously injured due to the detonation of the bomb. He has been admitted to the local hospital. On the other hand, Arjun Singh’s security has been increased from ‘Y+’ to ‘Z’ category after the continuous bombing incident. The Union Home Ministry has increased their security in view of the possibility of attack.

Let us inform that after the incident of bombing yesterday, the BJP MP had alleged that the Trinamool Congress wanted to kill him, his family members and people who were close to him. He had said that this is nothing but a deliberate attack. TMC is behind this. Those people are trying to kill me and my people. There is goondaraj in Bengal.

Goons created orgy overnight in Bhatpara area

According to local sources, there was chaos on Tuesday night in the area of ​​​​Kelabagan Gate No. 3 of Bhatpara. The miscreants suddenly attacked in the night. It is alleged that a young man named Ajit Kumar Singh was killed with the butt of a pistol. Due to this he was injured, while another person named Vishnudev Yadav has been injured in the bomb blast. Both have been admitted to the Bhatpara Government General Hospital. According to local sources, both the injured Jagdals are employees of JJI Jute Mill. Both were returning home from work in the night. The name of a person named Mohammad Sonu is coming out in this incident. Reportedly, the goons led by Mohammad Sonu suddenly started bombing the area. Bhatpara police is searching for the people involved in the incident.

NIA officers spoke to Pawan Singh

It is worth noting that at 9 o’clock on Tuesday morning, miscreants suddenly threw bombs behind Arjun Singh’s house. After the September 8 bombings, 20 new CCTV cameras were installed in the area. Police picket has been increased. CISF jawans have been deployed. On the other hand, an NIA officer had a long phone conversation with Pawan Singh, son of Barrackpore MP Arjun Singh, on Monday night. He inquired about the bomb blast at the MP’s house on 8 September. The area in Bhatpara is horrified by the repeated firing, bomb blasts and killings.

Local people are upset due to continuous bombing

Local people are worried. Local people say that they want to leave Bhatpara. Locals also complained that relatives were afraid to come to their place. In the afternoon, several fresh bombs have been recovered at some distance from Arjun Singh’s house. The Trinamool MLA has also demanded an NIA probe into the incident. In a press conference on Tuesday, Jagdal Trinamool MLA Somnath Shyam claimed that no one from his party was involved in the bomb blast in front of the BJP MP’s house. He alleged that the miscreants threw bombs, but he wanted the NIA to investigate who was trying to create panic in the area.

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