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‘We used to sing in our childhood too, every citizen of the country should sing,’ Shahnawaz Hussain said on the national anthem in the madrassa

‘Every citizen of the country should sing the national anthem’

On making the national anthem mandatory in the madrassa, Minister Shahnawaz Hussain said that every citizen should sing the praises of the nation. He said that I had also studied in a madrasa in my childhood, where the national anthem was sung with great pomp.

National Anthem in Madarsa in Uttar Pradesh (Madrassa national anthem) When made mandatory, BJP leader and Bihar government minister Shahnawaz Hussain (Shahnawaz Hussain) has said that one who is a citizen of this nation should sing the national anthem. Shahnawaz Hussain said that the national anthem is not sung in madrassa, I am not aware of it. He said that no one should have any problem in singing the national anthem. So at the same time, Bihar government minister Janak Ram said that the country runs by the constitution. UP is not outside the country, it is inside the country. Work is being done in the country and the state on the rights that Hindu and Muslim society have got in the Constitution, in fact, Minister Shahnawaz Hussain had reached the BJP’s cooperation program. Here he was asked that the way in which there was talk of adopting the bulldozer model of UP in Bihar. So will the national anthem be made mandatory in madrassa in Bihar as well as in UP?

Every citizen should praise the nation

On this Shahnawaz Hussain surprised me that there is no national anthem in madrassa. Shahnawaz Hussain said that I too studied in a madrasa in my childhood. There the national anthem was sung with great pomp. He said that no one should have any objection in this. The praise of the nation should be done by every citizen who is a resident of India.

Information also given about Investors Meet

Along with this, Shahnawaz Hussain also told about the Investors Meet held in Delhi. He said that Bihar is becoming the first choice of big industrialists. This is the reason why Yusuf Ali of Gulf Group came to the meet in Delhi. Members of Adani Group also came, people came from ITC, Hindustan Lever as well as big cement companies and very soon many of these companies would set up industry in Bihar. He said that Bihar is going to become the ethanol hub of the country. The government has received 30382 crore proposals for ethanol units. In the first phase, 17 of these companies have started work.

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