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सूअर पालन शुरू करना चाहते हैं, सरकार से मिलेगा लोन यहां पढ़ें पूरी जानकारी

How to raise a pig (signal photo)

Pig farming is growing rapidly in today’s time. It is becoming a better option of employment. In view of this, the government has started many schemes to encourage pig farming. Although pig farming was done by a certain section in the country for a long time, but now with the passage of time the thinking has changed and youth are coming forward in this field. Seeing the benefits of this, the villagers are now showing special interest in it. The government has made arrangements to give loans for pig farming. Under this subsidy is also given. Its meat is in highest demand not only in India but all over the world, apart from this it is also used in large quantities in cosmetic products and medicines.

More profit in less cost

Pig farming is such a business where there is more profit in less cost. Like other animal husbandry, it does not have to spend money and neither does it have to work hard. The boar is one of the animals that has the highest fertility. The female boar gives birth to five to 14 children at a time.

Objectives of pig farming scheme

Due to the high profit at low cost, it can be a better option of employment. Therefore, efforts are being made to connect new youth to it. Along with this, loans have been arranged by the government to do this on a large scale. It can be started on a large scale by taking financial help from the government. In this subsidy is also given along with the loan. It does not require a lot of studies and writing, as well as no special training is also required.

subsidy for pig farming

The main expenditure for starting pig farming depends on the species and number of animals. To start this business, loan is given by government banks and NABARD. The interest rate and tenure on loans given by banks and NABARD are different. By the way, the interest rate on the loan is 12 percent per annum. If you apply for a loan under the pig farming scheme, then for this the government gives subsidy on the amount up to 1 lakh. If you take more money than this, you can get more discount on the loan amount by contacting the area NABARD Agriculture Project Officer of your area.

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