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VIDEO: Sometimes patka sometimes bled to death with a horn, rarely seen before such an insult to the king of the jungle

Although you must have seen a lion hunting in the forest many times, but have you ever seen a lion beating it… if not, a similar video has come to the fore these days, where the lion has been beaten with the hands of its prey. faced humiliation.

Wildlife shocking video

The lion is called the king of the jungle (Wildlife Videos) The reason for this is his strength because only he can survive in the jungle. Whoever has the strength or is so cunning that he is able to handle himself in any situation in the forest and both these qualities are present in the lion, but nothing can be said about what happens inside the forest. Although you must have seen the lion hitting other animals and hunting many times, but have you ever seen the lion thrashing the lion. In recent times, something similar has come to the fore, in which the lion has beaten everyone.

As we all know that the struggle of animals in the jungles is not new, where the hunter struggles to escape from the predators, while the hunters also have to struggle to survive in the forest, but these days the video that has surfaced After seeing him, you will also say the same thing, it is very difficult to guess the strength of someone in the forest. Seeing the video, it is known that not once but many times the lion has to face defeat.

First of all in the video a lion gets trapped in a herd of wild bulls and one of them keeps thrashing the lion by trapping it in its horn, here the lion also tries to escape by saving his life but the wild bull surrounds him. At the same time, in the second clip, a lion is not ready to give up the pride of its power and keeps attacking the wild buffalo continuously. He wants to beat the mighty buffalo on the strength of his strength, but now like the rest of the animals, the neck of the buffalo was not so thin that it could quickly fit into his jaw, in such a situation the game of defeat between the two would go on for hours. Stayed. In which many lions had to be beaten.

In another clip, the lion gets caught in the midst of a herd of wolves, he tries to make their young prey his prey, but all the efforts of the king of the jungle end in front of a mother. This is understandable by watching this video of 10 minutes 52 seconds. From time to time the lion gets punished for his actions inside the forest, so many times he also has to face defeat. After watching this video, this message is received that no matter how strong someone is, sometimes even the weak can defeat the strong.

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