Vehicle Scrappage Policy: Why is there a 25 percent discount in road tax on buying a new one by selling an old car, know the benefits of this scheme of the government

Vehicle Scrappage Policy: पुरानी गाड़ी बेचकर नई खरीदने पर रोड टैक्स में क्यों मिल रही 25 प्रतिशत की छूट, जानें सरकार की इस योजना के फायदे

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The Union Road Transport Ministry said that up to 25 percent rebate in road tax will be given under the National Vehicle Scrap Policy in the purchase of new vehicles in the states and union territories for discarding old vehicles. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has issued a notification which is to come into effect from April 1, 2022. The ministry said that the vehicle scrap policy proposes a mechanism to motivate vehicle owners to discard old and polluting vehicles that are bad for the environment.

The ministry said on Wednesday that up to 25 percent rebate in road tax will be given under the National Vehicle Scrap Policy in the purchase of new vehicles for scrapping old vehicles in the state and union territories. The ministry said in a release that in the vehicle scrap policy, vehicle owners should be kept old and environmentally friendly.

People will leave polluting vehicles

A system is proposed to motivate the release of bad polluting vehicles. The ministry said, ‘This exemption will be given to the vehicle owners on the basis of the certificate received on depositing the vehicle for junk. This concession is up to 25 percent in case of non-transport (personal) vehicles and up to 15 percent in case of transport (commercial) vehicles. The ministry said that this concession will be available for eight years in case of transport vehicles and up to 15 years in case of non-transport vehicles.

Registration fee in full will be sorry

The government has issued a notification giving complete exemption in registration fee to those who buy new vehicles by selling old vehicles in junk. Discount in road tax, zero registration fee and up to 5% rebate in price by vehicle makers will be available only when the scrappage certificate is shown. People will also be able to sell such certificates to others.

This policy made to reduce pollution

Actually, the government has brought this policy to make old vehicles run longer and reduce the pollution caused by it. Under this, many types of incentives will be given on the purchase of new vehicles. Whereas the fees for RC renewal or fitness test etc. of old vehicles are being increased so that people do not drive these vehicles for a long time.

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