Vegetable prices skyrocketing in Mumbai! Know when it will be cheaper now

बारिश की वजह से कम हुआ सब्जियों का उत्पादन, आसमान पर पहुंचा दाम

Vegetable prices rise

On the one hand, the prices of fuel are also seeing an increase. So now the prices of vegetables and fruits are also increasing continuously. People are already worried about the rising prices of petrol and diesel. In such a situation, due to the rising prices of vegetables in this way, the concerns of the people are increasing. According to the shopkeepers, all this has happened recently. The shopkeepers told that vegetables are getting expensive even with them. Because of this, now customers also have to take vegetables expensive. Along with the vegetable sellers, the customers also said that the expensive vegetable has spoiled their budget.

Mamta Sharma, a housewife from Mumbai, said that the way the prices of vegetables and fruits are increasing at this time, it is causing us a lot of trouble. As the festivals are approaching. By the way, the prices of all things are increasing. Whether it is gas cylinders or the price of fruits and vegetables, the budget of the house is getting deteriorating.

What did the organization say?

All India Vegetable Association President Shriram Gadgil told NewsNCR Hindi that these days the prices of all vegetables have increased a lot.

Because the production has decreased due to rain. The farmer is not getting good price. Due to middlemen, the public is being forced to buy at a higher price. Due to the rains, the price may continue to rise till the arrival of new vegetables.

Talking about the price of vegetables in the market, today’s price

Peas – Rs 160 per kg
Bins – Rs 120 a kg
Bitter gourd – 40 rupees kg
Cauliflower – 60 rupees kg
Gourd – 40 rupees kg
Capsicum – 60 rupees a kg
Bhindi – 40 rupees a kg
Brinjal – 60 rupees kg
Tomato – 60 rupees kg
Onion – 40 rupees kg

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