Vaccination for children is very effective, no evidence has been found so far in any study – Delhi AIIMS Professor Dr Sanjay Rai

बच्चों के लिए टीकाकरण काफी ज्यादा प्रभावी, अब तक किसी स्टडी में नहीं मिले इसके सबूत- दिल्ली एम्स के प्रोफेसर डॉ संजय राय

Delhi AIIMS Professor Dr. Sanjay Rai

On one hand, while the eyes of the whole country are on the Corona Vaccine for children, on the other hand, Dr Sanjay Rai, Professor, Center for Community Medicine, Delhi AIIMS, says that till now no such study has come out which can prove this. So that the vaccine will be very effective for children.

He said that ICMR’s serosurvey states that about 60 percent of the children were infected with COVID. At the same time, the death rate among children is 2 in one lakh, which is very low. So far there is no study to prove that the vaccine will be very effective for children.

Bharat Biotech may prepare corona vaccine for children

At the same time, it was being told earlier that Bharat Biotech, the manufacturer of the vaccine, may soon prepare the corona vaccine for children too. Bharat Biotech has sent data to the Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) for vaccine trials on children in the age group 2-18. Hyderabad-based firm’s Chairman and Managing Director Dr Krishna Ella said on Saturday that we have submitted trial data to DCGI on volunteers of 2-18 age group.

Currently, people below the age of 18 are not part of the nationwide vaccination campaign. So far, DCGI has approved six vaccines for emergency use (EUA). One of these vaccines is ZyCoV-D, which is believed to be approved for use in the age group below 18 years. If approved, this vaccine will be administered to children above 12 years of age.

While talking about the ongoing corona vaccination campaign across the country, while giving impetus to the campaign, the Center told the states that they will complete the target of 100 crore doses in the next few days. For which the government has asked the states to intensify their COVID vaccination campaign. Till Saturday, 94 crore people across the country have been given doses of corona vaccine. In fact, the average weekly vaccination has been falling steadily for the past three weeks. The daily vaccination range between October 2-8 has been 25.5 lakh to 78.9 lakh doses, which is an average of 59.8 lakh doses a day.

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