Uttarakhand: Preparations to include another Dalit minister in Dhami’s cabinet! CM will remove Congress’s Dalit card

'जल्द पूरा करेंगे कोरोना वैक्सीनेशन का लक्ष्य', PM मोदी के जन्मदिन पर 2 लाख टीके न लग पाने पर बोले CM पुष्कर धामी

CM Dhami will remove Congress’s Dalit card

Pushkar Singh Dhami of Uttarakhand (CM Pushkar Singh Dhami) Yashpal Arya was a minister in the cabinet (Yashpal Arya) CM Dhami, who suffered a setback after being in Congress, is now working on a strategy to find a political solution. So now the discussion started regarding the inclusion of a new Dalit minister in the state. In fact, another minister can be included in Dhami’s cabinet to cut the Dalit card of the Congress. Discussions have started in the political corridors from Dehradun to Delhi regarding this. Because elections are to be held in the state in a few months. Therefore, by including another Dalit face in the state’s Dhami cabinet, the party can woo Dalits in the elections and prevent the Congress from taking lead in the elections.

According to the information, some Dalit MLAs of the party have even presented their claim. On the other hand, if the CM agrees to this and the party high command approves, then soon another Dalit minister may be included in the state cabinet. It is being told that along with former cabinet minister Khajan Das, MLAs Chandanram Das and Suresh Rathore are also making their claim in the Dalit minister race. However, the decision has to be taken by the CM and the party high command.

Minister’s post is vacant due to Yashpal Arya leaving the party

In fact, the BJP has suffered a setback after Yashpal Arya, who is considered to be a Dalit face in the state, joined the Congress. Therefore, CM Dhami wants to overcome this setback by including a Dalit in the cabinet. At the same time, the former cabinet minister Yashpal Arya has become vacant due to leaving the BJP and has kept all his departments with him.

code of conduct may be implemented in january

Only two and a half months are left for the assembly elections in the state and it is believed that the model code of conduct can be implemented in the state in January 2022. Therefore, before this, the state government can appoint someone on the vacant post in the cabinet. There is a discussion in the state that most senior BJP leaders are in favor of appointing vacant posts in the cabinet. Because during the election, Congress can take mileage by throwing up Yashpal Arya’s case.

These names are in discussion

In fact, for a vacant post in the Dhami cabinet, CM Dhami will discuss with the high command and state in-charge and only then will take a decision on it. At present, the names of Rajpur Road MLA Khajan Das, Jwalapur’s Suresh Rathor and Bageshwar’s Chandan Ram Das are being put forward for the ministerial post. At the same time, according to media reports, some Dalit MLAs of BJP met Chief Minister Dhami and presented their side in this matter.

BJP had captured 10 out of 12 reserve seats

In fact, the BJP got a big success in the 2017 assembly elections in the state. Because the BJP had won 10 of the 12 assembly seats reserved for the state’s Dalit quota. In this, while Rajkumar from Purola and Mamta Rakesh from Bhagwanpur won on Congress ticket. However, Rajkumar has now joined the BJP. Whereas Yashpal Arya from Bajpur and his son Sanjeev Arya from Nainital won the elections on BJP ticket.

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