Uttarakhand government reached the court to remove the limit on the number of pilgrims for Chardham Yatra

चारधाम यात्रा के लिए श्रद्धालुओं की संख्या पर लगी सीमा हटवाने अदालत पहुंची उत्तराखंड सरकार

Uttarakhand High Court

The Uttarakhand government has moved the High Court against the decision to allow devotees to visit the Chardham Yatra in the prescribed quantity every day. In fact, the High Court last month lifted the ban on the visit to Chardham, but in view of the COVID-19 epidemic, it had fixed a maximum limit for the devotees to visit these temples on a daily basis. The state government filed an application for amendment against the decision on Friday before a bench of Justices RC Khulbe and Justice Alok Kumar.

In the application, it was said on behalf of the government that if the number of devotees cannot be removed on a daily basis, then the number of devotees should be increased to 3000 devotees per day for Badrinath and Kedranath temples and 1000 and 700 for Gangotri and Yamunotri respectively. needed. At present, in a day a maximum of one thousand devotees can visit Badrinath temple, 800 devotees in Kedarnath temple, 600 devotees in Gangotri and 400 in Yamunotri.

The journey already started late, will continue till mid-November

The state government, in its application, has said that limiting the number of devotees visiting daily is affecting the income of people doing business related to Chardham as the yatra, which has already started late, will continue only till mid-November. However, the court directed that the matter be mentioned before a regular bench of the Chief Justice on Monday.

People took to the streets against the necessity of e-pass

Meanwhile, there is also opposition to the necessity of e-pass for Chardham Yatra. On Saturday, people took to the streets in Badrinath Dham and started protesting against the mandatory e-pass for travel. In fact, people believe that after the already delayed journey, now only a small number of devotees are reaching the Dham due to the necessity of e-pass. In such a situation, the local traders are suffering a lot. There is a demand of the local people that the requirement of e-pass for Chardham Yatra should be removed immediately.

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