UP: Two more Anamika Shukla met in UP! doing government jobs in two districts with the same name; Taking salary from both the places

UP: यूपी में मिले दो और अनामिका शुक्ला! एक ही नाम से दो जिलों में सरकारी नौकरी कर रहे हैं; दोनों जगह से सैलेरी भी ले रहे

STF is investigating the fake teacher appointment case

Fake certificate continuously in Uttar Pradesh (Fake documents) The cases of doing government jobs through this are constantly coming to the fore. After the new case came to light, the discussion of Anamika Shukla case, which has become famous in the state, has started again. Actually fake teachers (Fake Teachers) STF is investigating the recruitment of (STF) The team has sent to the BSA and told that the records of two teachers posted in Mainpuri are in doubt. In fact, two teachers are teaching in his name in government schools in other districts. The STF has revealed that one of these teachers is teaching in Sultanganj district and another in a government school in Badaun district.

Actually Special Task Force (STF) The investigation is going on in the matter of recruitment of fake teachers in the state. So far, many teachers have been fired in the state and investigation is going on against many. At present, a new case has come to the fore in the state and STF has started the investigation of two teachers posted in two districts in the fake teacher case. At the same time, the records of these teachers working in two districts with the same name have been sought from BSA. So that further action can be taken in this matter.

Anamika Shukla case was discussed in the state

In fact, the case of teacher Anamika Shukla was discussed in the state last year. After the matter came to the fore, the STF started investigation and later the names of teachers working in two places with one name came out across the state. Six people of the district, who had previously worked in two districts under the same name, have been dismissed from service. But once again a new case has come to the fore and STF has started investigation of two teachers posted in the district.

STF wrote a letter to BSA

At present, the STF has started investigation in this matter and has sent a letter to BSA and has told that the record of two teachers posted in Mainpuri is under doubt. Because in his name two teachers are teaching in other districts. In the investigation of STF, it has been revealed that one teacher is working in Sultanganj district and the other in Badaun district. Therefore, in this situation, the original copies of the appointment file, educational records, PAN card, Aadhar card and domicile etc. of the concerned teachers should be made available to the STF, so that further investigation can be done. On the other hand, District Basic Education Officer (BSA) Kamal Singh has confirmed that STF has asked for the records of two teachers and action will be taken against any teacher found to be fake.

So far two principals and four sacked

However, so far after the investigation of the STF, six including two headmasters have been sacked in the state. At the same time, the investigation of STF is still going on and it is believed that many more names may come out in the coming days.

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