UP: On the basis of fake documents, a soldier who has been working in PAC for 15 years arrested, read how the whole secret was revealed

Uttarakhand: सामूहिक धर्म परिवर्तन पर 10 साल जेल की सजा के प्रावधान की तैयारी', उत्तराखंड पुलिस ने भेजा प्रस्ताव

Natwar Lal constable arrested

In Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, a big case of fake jobs has come to the fore in the government department. In this, the accused was working in the government department for the last 15 years and no one was even aware of it. However, the complicity of fraudsters and officials in this case cannot be denied. According to the information, Amit was working as a constable in PAC. He continued to take government salary for fifteen years and no one even suspected him. He showed himself in the document as Manish and on this identity he was committing the fraud. Whereas his real name is Amit.

According to the information, the accused soldier named Amit was working in 32nd Battalion PAC. When the real Manish Singh’s mobile phone LIC and bank messages started coming, the curtain was removed from this matter. After this, the real constable posted in the STF filed a case against the fake soldier and the police started its investigation. The police started investigation and took the fake soldier into custody. But due to lack of arrest clause, he was released on personal bond.

was working on the basis of fake documents

According to the media report, Vibhutikhand Inspector Chandrashekhar Singh told that Manish Kumar Singh son Nirmal Singh, resident of Revati, Ballia, is posted as a constable in UP STF. On 21 March 2021, he had filed a case against Amit Kumar Singh alias Manish Kumar Singh, son of Bhagwan Singh, resident of village Dhaturi Tola Post Sonki Bhat, Thana Dokati district Ballia. According to the information, by preparing fake documents, Amit Kumar Singh alias Manish Kumar Singh was working as a constable in the 32nd Battalion of PAC since 2006. This matter came to the notice of Manish Kumar Singh posted in STF in February, when LIC Housing and SBI were asked to submit copies of loan related documents. Manish had already taken the loan.

Manish told that for the first time he ignored the phone call from the bank, but when the calls started coming from the bank continuously, he reached the bank. There it came to know that the constable posted in the PAC has applied for a loan in his name and Aadhar card. In these documents, his name, father’s name, address and date of birth are all his. Only then did he file a case.

Earlier the police had not arrested

In fact, it was also found in the investigation of STF that Amit Badaun and Manish were admitted in Bareilly. Many facts have been found against him in the departmental inquiry. Sub-Inspector Pawan Singh said that the accused was taken into custody in March. But he was released on personal bond. Because there was no arrest clause in the case registered against him and on the basis of deliberation, the sections were later increased in it.

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