UP: In the controversial video case of IAS Iftikharuddin, SIT may submit investigation report today, there may be many big revelations

UP: आईएएस इफ्तिखारुद्दीन के विवादित वीडियो मामले में SIT आज सौंप सकती है जांच रिपोर्ट, हो सकते हैं कई बड़े खुलासे

SIT may submit investigation report in IAS Iftikharuddin’s controversial video case today

Iftikharuddin, former divisional commissioner of Kanpur and chairman of Uttar Pradesh State Transport Corporation, in the controversial video case (IAS Iftikharuddin) The difficulties may increase in the coming time. The Special Investigation (SIT) set up by the state government in this matter can submit its report to the government today.

SIT from IAS Iftikharuddin and many witnesses in this case (SIT) can inquire. After which it is expected that today the SIT will submit its report to the government and after that Iftikharuddin’s problems may increase in this matter. On the other hand, if he is found guilty in this case, he can get a sentence of up to ten years.

Iftikharuddin has accepted the matter of the video

In fact, many cases of conversion are coming to the fore in the state and among these cases, the former Divisional Commissioner of Kanpur and currently the chairman of Uttar Pradesh State Transport Corporation Iftikharuddin (IAS Iftikharuddin)Offensive videos surfaced. In which he is discussing about conversion and telling its benefits. While in some videos he is sitting and others are talking about promoting conversion. Iftikharuddin has accepted that all these videos are during his posting as Divisional Commissioner of Kanpur and these videos are from his official residence.

SIT has received many videos

After recording the statement of IAS Iftikharuddin, the SIT is now finalizing its report and it is being said that it can submit its report to the government today. The SIT had questioned IAS Iftikharuddin till around 2 pm on Thursday and recorded his statements on several points. At the same time, iftikharuddin as well as his family members were questioned in this case. So far, the SIT has received many videos in this case. From which it is clear that iftikharuddin was the divisional commissioner of Kanpur, people of a particular religion were given attention. Used to give

Muslim employees used to keep IAS Iftikharuddin

SIT (SIT) Has also found evidence that IAS Iftikharuddin (IAS Iftikharuddin) During the tenure of his Divisional Commissioner, all the employees were kept Muslim. Not only this, he also used to get angry after seeing the kaleva in his hand. The SIT has also got many witnesses in the investigation. Who has also accused Iftikharuddin of pressurizing him to change his religion. Simultaneously, SIT (SIT) Has also questioned the employees of the Divisional Commissioner’s office and residence. In this case, the staff posted at the Divisional Commissioner’s residence in front of DG GL Meena of CBCID, who is heading the SIT, has told the SIT during interrogation that Iftikharuddin used to get angry on the employees coming with Kalawa in their hands and worshiping idols. On the other hand, if a Muslim employee did not keep a beard, did not offer prayers for five times, then he used to get angry with him.

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