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UP: 13 people drowned in three rivers in Firozabad, Badaun and Agra, 5 bodies found, rescue operation underway

drowned in the river

13 people drowned in the river in three different districts of Uttar Pradesh. Out of which the bodies of five people have been found. While the search for others is on. According to the information, three children of Firozabad district had gone to bathe in the Yamuna river. But he drowned due to deep water. Police divers kept searching for them till evening. At the same time, an incident has also happened in Badaun district. Whereas five people of Agra drowned during Durga Idol Immersion in the river of Dholpur in Rajasthan. Those who have died due to drowning and their bodies have been taken out from the river.

According to the information, Neeraj (16), Gopal Rathor (13) and Vishal Kumar (12), residents of Ram Nagar of Linepar area in Firozabad district, had gone to bathe in Yamuna in the afternoon with their companions and all three drowned in deep water while taking a bath. The local people informed the police and the divers of the police were searching for the three till late in the evening. At the same time, the incident of drowning in the river has come to the fore in Badaun district of the state itself.

Incident happened during idol immersion in Firozabad

Here Deepak Gupta, a resident of Bachgaon village of Narkhi in Firozabad’s Kachla Ghat of the Ganges, along with his companions went to immerse the idol of Maa Durga. But during the immersion in the Ganges, Deepak Gupta, Kunal Sharma, Raju Sharma, Bhola Sharma and Shivam drowned in deep water. During this, the people around took Shivam out after hearing the screams, but Deepak Gupta, Kunal Sharma, Raju Sharma, Bhola Sharma could not be traced. After this the police divers kept looking for these people.

Five people of Agra district died due to drowning in the river

At the same time, according to the information, in Jagner area of ​​Agra district of UP, four people have died due to drowning in the river. The bodies of these four have been found. It is being told that Sanjay (18), Ranveer (21), his brother Rajesh (18), Satyaprakash (20) and Krishna (19), residents of village Bhavanpura in Jagner area, immersed the idol of Durga Maa along with the people of the village on Friday. Went to Rajasthan to

Being a border district, most of the people of Agra go to the Dholpur district to immerse the idol on the Parvati river. These people had gone for immersion in the morning. At the same time, Sanjay, Ranveer, Rajesh, Satyaprakash and Krishna drowned in the river. After a lot of effort, the divers took out the bodies of all four from the river. In this, Sanjay’s body was found late in the evening.

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