Tomato Price: Tomato turns ‘red’, price reached Rs 80 per kg

टमाटर की खेती: इस किस्म के एक पौधे से मिलेगा 18 किलो उत्पादन, कीट और रोग की चिंता नहीं

tomato prices rise

Inflation is at its peak in the whole country and prices are touching the sky. In such a situation, the plate of food has also become expensive. The price of tomatoes in the market has reached Rs 80 per kg. The price of tomato in the wholesale market is Rs 1100 per carat i.e. around Rs 55 to 60 per kg. Which is being sold at Rs 80 per kg in the market. Common people say that if the farmers are benefiting due to the cost of tomatoes, then it does not matter that the prices of other things are also increasing.

On the other hand, vegetable vendors say that the prices have increased but there is little hope of increasing the price more than this. Tomato is getting away from the plate of common people because the price of tomato has increased continuously in the last few days. In Madhya Pradesh, tomato is grown in some parts of Shajapur, Kalapipal, Shujalpur, Raisen, Sehore, Shivpuri, Kolaras, Baktra, Pori and Datia. In most parts, due to excessive rainfall, the tomato crop has been negatively affected.

Tomato crop is spoiled

Farmers of Shivpuri say that different types of insects have been found on the water. At the same time, its root has become weak, due to which the production of the crop has fallen. According to experts, only 25 percent of the crop is left, due to which the prices have increased. It is a matter of difference between demand and supply.

how much does it cost

Farmers Joginder Singh and Jaipal Singh say that last year the cost of tomato farming was Rs 1 lakh per acre, which has now increased to about Rs 2 lakh. Whereas last year, about 50 carats of tomatoes were produced per acre, which is now about 10 carats.

The cost of cultivation of tomatoes has increased due to increase in the price of agricultural inputs. Tomato from Shivpuri goes to Kanpur, Lucknow and different parts of Uttar Pradesh. Whereas tomatoes are sent from Shajapur, Kalapipal in Bhopal.

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