Today is the last day of auction of 1348 gifts of Prime Minister Modi, people are bidding in crores

सत्ता में पीएम नरेंद्र मोदी के हुए 20 साल, टीवी9 भारतवर्ष पर नीतियों-रणनीतियों की स्पेशल सीरीज

Prime Minister Narendra Modi. (file photo)

There is an old saying that spring comes in life, when you get a gift. Usually, when we get something from you, we try to save it. Despite this, instead of saving his gifts, the Prime Minister of the country wants to save the life-giving Ganga with the amount received from that gift. That’s why he decided to auction his gifts and today is the last day for the auction of total 1348 gifts.

National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA) Director General Advaita Ganatanayak told in a special conversation with NewsNCR that there are a total of 1348 gifts and the bidding is being done in crores. With this, the Prime Minister will give the deposited amount for cleaning the Ganga under the Namami Gange project. This is the third time that the bidding for the memento/memento received by PM Modi is being done.

over a hundred bids on a gift

Advaita Ganayanayak told that there are many such gifts on which more than one hundred people have bid. In such a situation, through e-auction, we have decided that the one who bids the highest will be given that gift. He said that Neeraj Chopra and PV Sindhu are in the most popular category. Both had gifted their jabbins and rackets to the prime minister, from which they won the gold medal. Everyone wants to buy it.

Base price of each gift

Advaita Ganayak told that a base price has been fixed for every gift received by the Prime Minister. If we talk about Neeraj Chopra’s spear that won the Olympics, then its base price is one crore rupees. Similarly, the base price of PV Sindhu’s racket is Rs 80 lakh. Sumit Antil’s javelin, Paralympic players’ autograph angavastra, Paralympic player Krishna Nagar’s badminton cost the highest.

PM’s birthday campaign

Advaita Ganatanayak said that the number of gifts is 1348 and their auction was started on the birthday of Prime Minister, after starting from September 17, we are ending it on October 7. He said that among the gifts of PM Modi, the most in demand is the Lord Ram family, which was given by the Governor of Chhattisgarh to the Prime Minister. Apart from this, there is a T-shirt of Manish Narwal on which more than 55 people have bid so far. It is worth noting that before this, the Prime Minister’s gifts have been auctioned twice, in which for the first time there were about 1500 and for the second time there were 2772 items.

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