Those who link Priyanka’s Lakhimpur Kheri Yatra with Indira Gandhi’s Belchi Yatra will be hopeful

Priyanka Gandhi Arrested: सीतापुर पुलिस ने प्रियंका गांधी को गिरफ्तार किया, शांति भंग और धारा-144 के उल्लंघन का आरोप

Will Priyanka Gandhi’s Lakhimpur Kheri Yatra really prove to be her Belchi Movement?

Priyanka Gandhi has launched a campaign to rebuild the Congress in Uttar Pradesh. The Lakhimpur Kheri incident is a big opportunity for the Congress. Many Congress people are comparing it with Indira Gandhi’s Belchi Yatra. But will Priyanka’s arrest in Sitapur have an impact like Belchi Yatra?

The date was August 13, 1977, Indira Gandhi had reached Patna with a convoy of 35 cars, then late at night the courage to cross the river wet on the back of an elephant, that too without a hood. 11 Dalits were massacred. In such a situation, Indira Gandhi knew that if the Congress party has to be rebuilt, then she should take advantage of this opportunity. And so did he. It benefited and Indira Gandhi was able to return to power again in the 1980 Lok Sabha elections. You must be wondering why we are telling you a story 40 years old from today? Actually, the way Priyanka Gandhi wants to reach Lakhimpur Kheri after the accident, some people on social media are telling it like Indira Gandhi’s Belchi Yatra.

And they feel that perhaps Priyanka Gandhi will revive the Congress which has now reached the state of death in Uttar Pradesh after her visit to Lakhimpur Kheri. Although Priyanka Gandhi is not going to the place of incident for the first time, Priyanka Gandhi has tried to revive Congress in UP politics by reaching Umbha village of Hathras and Sonbhadra. However, his previous visits did not have much effect on the condition of the Congress. That’s why the entire task is on Priyanka Gandhi’s Lakhimpur Kheri Yatra. Assembly elections are to be held in Uttar Pradesh in the coming few months, in such a situation, no regional party is in the mood to stand with the Congress party and there is not enough strength within the Congress party alone to win 10 seats in the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. But he could also fight a strong battle. The Congress high command knows that if Priyanka Gandhi-Rahul Gandhi manages to capitalize on this issue, then perhaps their position in the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections will get better.

Belchi village with elephant then the throne of Delhi

Priyanka Gandhi wants to reach Lakhimpur Kheri and get the throne of Uttar Pradesh. Although his grandmother Indira Gandhi wanted to reach Belchi village and get the power of Delhi and she did too. On 13 August 1977, Indira Gandhi reached Belchi, a village on the border of Patna district of Bihar, which is now in Nalanda. There she had come to meet the families of 11 Dalits after the brutal massacre. At that time it was raining heavily in Bihar and Belchi village was in the grip of flood.

In such a situation, Indira Gandhi was finding it difficult to reach that village, she first tried to go by jeep but the jeep got stuck in the mud. Later, an elephant named ‘Moti’ was brought for her, riding on which she reached Belchi village and met the relatives of the deceased and expressed her condolences. It is said that after this visit of Indira Gandhi, she got the support of Dalits and backwards from all over the country and the Congress party won the 1980 Lok Sabha elections. After this, the Congress, which had gone to the state of death, came alive again. However, Indira Gandhi could not complete her reign and was assassinated in 1984.

People on social media are seeing Priyanka Gandhi’s Lakhimpur Kheri Yatra as Belchi Yatra

On October 3, an accident took place in Lakhimpur Kheri, Uttar Pradesh, in which a total of 8 people died. Among those killed are a BJP worker, a journalist and a farmer. However, before the situation deteriorated further, the Uttar Pradesh government, along with farmer leader Rakesh Tikait, resolved the issue and promised a compensation of 45 lakhs and a government job to the families of those killed. However, due to this agreement of Rakesh Tikait, the opposition parties, especially the Congress, are angry with him, because they took away an important issue of the 2022 assembly elections from him.

Well let’s keep these things separate. Priyanka Gandhi did not agree even after the reconciliation agreement, she decided that she had to reach Lakhimpur Kheri. But before Priyanka Gandhi could reach Lakhimpur Kheri, she was arrested in Sitapur itself. Because the Uttar Pradesh government has imposed section 144 in Lakhimpur Kheri and the state government believes that leaders can make the situation worse by reaching there, so the entry of any leader is currently banned in Lakhimpur Kheri. Many big journalists on social media are seeing this spirit of Priyanka Gandhi by connecting it with Indira Gandhi’s Belchi Yatra. However, on Wednesday, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi have got permission to visit Lakhimpur Kheri. Now it has to be seen that after this visit, will Priyanka Gandhi really be able to succeed in keeping the Congress alive like Indira Gandhi’s Belchi Yatra.

Priyanka Gandhi has a big responsibility on her shoulders.

Since 2014, the condition of Congress in the country is going from bad to worse. In Uttar Pradesh, the Congress has not come to power since the 90s till date. That is, a gap of about 32 years from power. In such a situation, the enthusiasm among the workers and leaders of the Congress party has ended. Therefore, the command to revive the Congress in Uttar Pradesh was handed over to Priyanka Gandhi. But in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Priyanka Gandhi could not bring the Congress party in a better position despite a lot of hard work. Now the Congress party expects from him that he will bring the Congress in a better position in Uttar Pradesh in the 2022 assembly elections. Priyanka Gandhi is also working hard for this. There is no such small or big incident related to Uttar Pradesh on which Priyanka Gandhi does not react. The hard work being done by him for Uttar Pradesh cannot be denied, but it is also true that it will probably take another 5 to 10 years for the Congress to strengthen its position in UP.

Congress cadre ending

The collapse of the party’s cadre is a major reason why none of the plans of Rahul Gandhi or Priyanka Gandhi in Uttar Pradesh have come to fruition. Organizational elections have not been held in the party for years. District committees are either dissolved or inactive. The vote bank of the party has been captured by other parties. Even if Brahmins and Muslims come completely with Congress, then nothing is going to come in the hands of Congress in UP. Due to the party not coming to power for many years, there has been a shortage of strong leaders in the state.

Rahul-Priyanka appear only on big events

The politics of the opposition in Uttar Pradesh is in a dormant state. They are visible only when a big event happens. In the rest of the days, all become Delhiites. Not only Rahul-Priyanka, the new generation of other parties also do not have the capacity to fight. There was no long political struggle in UP or the entire country for decades. Long struggles could have been waged in the name of inflation, farmers’ agitation, increase in sugarcane price etc. But the opposition did nothing. A few days before the elections, the leaders leave with a Rath Yatra. The picture of Priyanka cleaning the guesthouse room has definitely gone viral, but she has not seen the courage to cross the river soaking on the back of an elephant late in the night like a sledgehammer.

Leadership Ability of Indira Gandhi

Indira Gandhi was a charismatic leader. Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi could not develop leadership of their kind. Indira Gandhi was not a seasonal leader. The disappearance of Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra in the middle is not only a matter of concern to the common people but also to the party workers.

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