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This strange creature of pink color was seen on the beach, people told Alien; Then this truth came out

Strange creatures found on Australian coast

There are many such mysterious creatures in the depths of the ocean, from which the curtain is yet to be revealed. When such creatures suddenly appear in front of the eyes of the world, people are very surprised to see them. A similar case was seen in Australia in the past. People were surprised to see a pink colored transparent creature here. Some call it jellyfish, some are calling it aliens. But after seeing the expert, its truth also came to the fore.

This strange creature was found on the Yurangan seashore of Hervey Bay in Queensland, Australia. Pictures of this strange creature have been shared on Facebook, which has gone viral. Many people are calling it alien. According to local media reports, when some people went for a walk on the beach, they took pictures of this strange creature after seeing it. After sharing the picture of this creature on Facebook, people are reacting to it in their own way.

After being shared on Facebook, some people are also calling it Stonefish. Let us tell you that stonefish is the most poisonous fish in the world. If it bites a person, then within an hour his life can also be lost. In the eyes of many users, this whale vomited fish, while some got jellyfish. However, after coming to the notice of the expert, the truth of this creature also came to the fore.

National Geography says that the pink colored creature found on the beach is actually a nudibranch. This creature lives in the depths of the ocean. It never comes out. In such a situation, the experts of The Australian Museum are very excited about the coming out of this creature. According to National Geography, there are more than two thousand species of nudibranchs. But the organism currently found is new. Now experts are gathering information about it.

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