This person has kept so many eggs on his cap that a record has been made, you also see this amazing video

अपनी टोपी पर इस शख्स ने रख लिए इतने अंडे कि बन गया रिकॉर्ड, आप भी देखें ये हैरतअंगेज वीडियो

Gregory da Silva while setting a world record

If you are asked how many eggs can you put on a cap? Obviously, your answer would be one, two, or at most three. But you will be surprised to know that a person has made a world record by placing 735 eggs on top of his cap, not 5-7. Guinness World Records has shared a video of it on its Instagram account, which has gone viral. After watching this video, everyone is surprised that how did this person do this.

While sharing this video, Guinness World Records wrote in the caption, Gregory Da Silva carrying 735 eggs on top of a single cap. Giving more information about Gregory, Guinness World Records has said, Gegri da Silva hails from Benin, West Africa. He has accomplished this unique feat during a special show of Guinness World Records for CCTV in China. It took Gregory three days to make this great record. In the video, you can see Gregory balancing with the egg.

This video has gone viral after being shared on Instagram. More than 53 thousand people have liked this video shared a day ago. This number is continuously increasing. After seeing this amazing performance of Gregory, social media users are constantly giving their feedback. Commenting on a user wrote, this is really a great record. Hardly anyone can break it. At the same time, another user has asked the question that how many eggs Gregory has placed on his head, what will be the weight.

However, amidst Gregory’s praiseworthy record, a user commented on Guinness World Records asking how much he paid to make this record. Apart from this, most of the users are giving their reaction through emoticons. At the same time, there are many users who are tagging their friends and acquaintances in the comment box after watching the video.

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