This neighboring country of India showed interest in raising buffalo of Murrah breed

भारत के इस पड़ोसी देश ने मुर्रा नस्ल की भैंस पालने में दिखाई दिलचस्पी

Know, what is the specialty of Murrah buffalo and how much is the price. Why do farmers like The Minister of Sri Lanka met the Agriculture Minister of Haryana.

Murrah breed buffalo

Sri Lanka has shown keen interest in animal husbandry business of Haryana and rearing of best breed livestock especially Murrah buffalo. Not only this, in view of the wide possibilities of mutual development in the animal husbandry sector, delegations from Sri Lanka and Haryana will also visit each other. Murrah breeds are of highest milk capacity.

On this subject, Sri Lanka’s Minister of State for Backward Rural Development Sathasivam Vialenderan and Senthil Thondaman, Coordinating Secretary to the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, held a meeting with the State Agriculture Minister Jai Prakash Dalal and discussed on this subject at Haryana Bhawan, New Delhi today. In the meeting, in-depth discussions were held between Haryana and Sri Lanka in view of the possibilities of exchange of agricultural sector, especially animal husbandry and agricultural techniques.

information on these topics

During the meeting, Jai Prakash Dalal spoke on the state’s agriculture sector, agricultural research, agricultural techniques, e-mandi, agricultural marketing, horticulture center of excellence, animal husbandry, especially the highest milk potential Murrah buffalo, milk plants and other related subjects in Sri Lanka. apprised the Minister of State for Backward Rural Development.

great potential in both countries

Sri Lanka’s Minister of State Sathasivam Wiyalenderan said that he was very impressed with the development of agriculture and animal husbandry sector of Haryana. Sri Lanka has a keen interest in Haryana’s animal husbandry, especially in buffalo rearing of Murrah breed of highest milk capacity. There is a huge potential for mutual development between Sri Lanka and Haryana in the agriculture and animal husbandry sector.

Know what is the specialty of Murrah buffalo

Murrah buffalo is the breed of buffalo with the highest milk production. Buffaloes of this species give 15 to 20 liters of milk every day. In these too many buffaloes give milk up to 30-35 liters. Fat in their milk is more than 7 percent. Because of this, it is a special choice of livestock farmers. If we talk about their price, then it is only more than 1 lakh. According to the quality, the price of some even reaches up to Rs 4 lakh.

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