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This mill of the British era runs on water, the specialty of ground flour will be forgotten, packet flour!

The mill of British era is present in Muzaffarnagar of Uttar Pradesh. The biggest feature of this mill is that it does not run on electricity but on water. The people living here believe that by eating the ground flour of this mill, there are no other problems like stones, gas.

water powered flour mill

In today’s modern era, everything is getting packaged, whether it is water or milk coming in daily use or the most important item of the house is flour. All the things are reaching us after being sealed in packets, there was a time when people used to take wheat from home to the milling mill and used to bring the ground flour home and used to eat the same. But do you know that even in today’s time there is such a mill which runs on water and not on electricity.

The mill we are talking about is in Bhopa area of ​​Muzaffarnagar. It is said that this mill was built by the British in 1850 before 168. You will be surprised to know that this mill is still running and the people of the village eat only its powdered flour.

The grounded flour of this mill is a specialty that it is completely cold. It is considered to be the oldest mill in India. This mill is known as a water mill. Many generations of this village are continuously eating the ground flour of this mill.

The biggest feature of this watermill is that it runs on canal water. The people of the village believe that eating the ground flour of this mill does not cause other diseases like stones, gas. Along with this, all the properties of wheat remain in the flour.

The people of the village consider this water mill as the heritage of their elders. People also come from far and wide to see this watermill. Another special feature of this mill is that there is no scale for weighing here. In this mill, the customer himself has to grind his own flour.

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