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These three women sat on dharna for 48 months to save land, SDM said – we do not have information about the matter

In Aligarh, women sat at the site of the dharna in the tehsil.

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Giving information, SDM of Atrauli Tehsil Shiv Shankar Singh said that the matter of this method is not in my knowledge. He said that it is not in our jurisdiction to make and stop anyone’s benama.

Uttar Pradesh (Uttar PradeshA strange poor case of Atrauli tehsil of Aligarh district has come to the fore. Where three women are continuously protesting for the last 4 years to save the land. It is being told that women are afraid of their family members that they may sell their land. That’s why she comes and sits in a teen set outside the registry office in Atrauli every morning at 10 am. After which she keeps waiting for her family members till around 5,30. It is being told that all the three women are from different families. In such a situation, someone is afraid of her husband, then someone from her brother-in-law and someone from her mother-in-law. Let us tell you that the women protesting are afraid that these people should not sell their ancestral land, if they sell the land then how will they support their family.

Actually, Sunita Devi, a resident of village Chandola in Atrauli tehsil area of ​​Aligarh district, told that husband Kailash Chand lives separately for the last 4 years. Don’t even know where they live. They come only occasionally and leave after taking the land. Sunita says that till now she has sold 10 bighas of land. Apart from this, she is trying to sell the remaining 12 bighas of land, so she has been sitting in the tin set of vehicles built in the tehsil premises for the last 3 years, waiting for her husband to be caught if he comes to do the denama. Sunita told that earlier 9-year-old son Devesh also used to come, now the son has been admitted in the school. So now she comes alone.

Nurbano sat waiting for the land not to be paid

At the same time, the other woman is being told of Dhansari. Whose full name is Nurbano. Nurbano told that about 5 and a half bighas of land are on the roadside. In which the husband has died. Also, the division of land should have been done from the road side. But brother-in-law has forcibly got his share towards the road and brother-in-law wants to sell that land. Nurbano wants her share towards the road, so she comes and sits in the tehsil and waits for the brother-in-law to come here and do the deed of land.

Continuous cycle going on for almost 4 years

Let us tell you that the third case is also of Rahisan Begum, a resident of Dhansari village of Atrauli tehsil. During this, while giving information, Rahisan told that his father-in-law had done two marriages. In which she has husband and two sons from first wife and 5 daughters and one son from second wife. He said that his father-in-law has sent a plot of 200 square yards and 4 bighas of land. Out of which her husband was not given even 1 rupee. Raison blames that her father-in-law wants to sell the remaining land as well, so she comes to the tehsil premises at 10 in the morning and waits for her father-in-law. After this, she goes home around 5:30 in the evening. It is worth noting that this cycle has been going on continuously for almost 4 years.

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SDM said – It is not in our jurisdiction to make and stop someone’s benama

Giving information in this matter, SDM of Atrauli Tehsil Shiv Shankar Singh said that the matter of this method is not in my knowledge. He said that it is not in our jurisdiction to make and stop anyone’s benama. If a woman is coming and sitting here in this manner, then there is no information regarding her. In such a situation, the one who has land in his name can do the denama of that land.

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