These special types of socks are found in Himachal, so special that now they have got GI tag

हिमाचल में मिलते हैं ये खास तरह के मोजे, इतने स्पेशल हैं कि अब इन्हें मिल गया GI टैग

There is a trend of making such socks or sweaters in every house of Himachal. (symbolic photo)

Two goods from Himachal Pradesh have got GI tag. This includes the name of one Chamba Chappal and Lahauli Knitted Socks, Gloves. Recently, the Chennai Registry for Geographical Indication Tags has given these tags to 51 items. Many items are also from western countries in this. Let us tell you that 421 things of India have got GI tag, which includes items related to agriculture to handicrafts.

In such a situation, know what is special in these socks and after getting the GI tag, what are the benefits to the women who make it. Also, you will know many facts related to GI tag, so that you can also know about this special tag…

What is Hand Knitting Socks?

Hand knitting socks means these socks or socks are woven by hand. There is a trend of making such socks or sweaters in every house of Himachal, in which these hand made socks are the most special. These special socks are made by the women of the villages of Kullu, Lahaul and Spiti districts. These socks are made from local rough wool or soft wool and many geographical designs are made on them. The special thing is that these are not only socks for the feet, but are made for the neck, feet etc.

Wool made from local sheep of Lahaul-Spiti district in the Himalayan region is also used in these socks. The women here have a special skill to make these socks and it is made. However, right now there is no system regarding the socks being sold in the market, that is, no society, organization or organization is working on these socks. In such a situation, these products are being sold in the local market only.

But, now people are going to get the benefit of it by getting the GI tag. Along with this, it will be recognized by the GI tag and people will get loans etc., as well as help in carrying forward the business.

photo social media

photo social media

What is GI Tag

According to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), a Geographical Indication Tag is a type of label that gives a specific geographical identity to a product. A product whose specialty or reputation depends mainly on natural and human factors. This tag is to prevent the illegal use of goods found or manufactured in a particular geographical location in other places.

Who gets the GI tag

Before GI tag, the quality, quality and yield of any goods are thoroughly checked. It is decided that the highest and original yield of that particular commodity is from the specified state. Along with this, it is also necessary to decide how much geographical location contributes to its production. Sometimes the production of a particular item is possible only at a particular place. For this, there is a lot of contribution from the climate there to the artisans who give it the final shape.

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