These dangerous pests and diseases are found in lemon crops, these are their symptoms, farmers should protect like this

नींबू की फसलों में लगते हैं ये खतरनाक कीट और रोग, ये हैं उनके लक्षण, किसान ऐसे करें बचाव

Lemon Farming (File Photo)

Lemon is one of those crops, the main source of medicinal properties and vitamin C, whose demand always remains in the market. This is the reason that now farmers are cultivating it along with other crops in the vacant land or gardens.

Many times the outbreak of pests and diseases in lemon orchards is so much that the crops are badly damaged. In such a situation, farmers may have to bear heavy losses, but farmers can identify them and treat them. Know how?

pest control

foliar insect

The larva of this insect penetrates into the new leaves and makes a zigzag tunnel in them, which affects the growth of the plant. After which the fruits start dying. Monocrotophos 40 EC for its control. 1 ml per liter of water or Deltamixed 2.8 EC. Spraying of 5 ml per 10 liters should be done twice at an interval of 20 days.

lemon butterfly

The larval stage of this butterfly is harmful, which damages the plant by eating the leaves. Its adult is a large butterfly of bright color. Three to five generations of this insect are found in a year and it is more active in the month of September. To prevent this, Bt. 1 gram per liter of water or Endosulfan 35 EC. 2 ml of the drug should be mixed with per liter of water and sprayed.

disease Control

canker or citrus canker

This disease is spread by a bacterium called Xanthomonas citri. It mainly affects lemon plants. The effect of this disease is visible on leaves, small branches, thorns and fruits. Initially small shiny yellow spots are formed which are 3-4 mm in size later. The shape becomes brown and spongy. These spots are more pronounced on the leaves than on the fruits. This disease spreads more in the rainy season and affects the Kagji lemon more. For the control of this disease, during rainy days, 0.2% blightax 50 should be sprayed at an interval of 15 days. Streptomycin Sulfate 500 ppm The solution has also been found effective in its control.

flower and fruit drop

In citrus fruits, flowers appear mainly in the spring (February-March) on the mixed bud, but in citrus varieties, flowers appear almost throughout the year. The problem of fruit fall/fall is found in citrus fruits. 8 ppm of 2,4-D on plants, NAA of 30 ppm and 30 ppm of GA-3. Spraying has been found beneficial in preventing fruit fall.

fruit burst

The problem of fruit cracking is mainly found in lemon and Malta. The fruits often burst when there is a sudden increase in humidity in the dry season. The problem of fruit cracking increases due to rain in summer. To prevent this problem, light irrigation should be done as per the requirement. Apart from this, 10 ppm on plants. Spraying of Gibberellic acid can greatly reduce the problem of fruit cracking.

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