There was a campaign to defame Savarkar in the country, he had good relations with Gandhi and Ambedkar – Mohan Bhagwat

देश में सावरकर को बदनाम करने की मुहिम चली, गांधी और अंबेडकर से उनके अच्छे संबंध थे- मोहन भागवत

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat (Photo-PTI)

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat said on Tuesday that there was a campaign to defame Vinayak Damodar Savarkar in the country and it went on very fast after independence. On the occasion of the release of the book “Veer Savarkar – The Man Who Could Have Preventive Partition”, Bhagwat said that Savarkar ji had rendered humanity and perfection, his personality was multidimensional.

He said that the attempt to defame him is going on even today. After this the numbers of Yogi Arvind and Vivekananda will also come. He said, “The goal is not the individual, but the nationality of India which unites the world. And if this happens, many people’s shops will be closed. Such people are engaged in it.”

The RSS chief said that the people of Savarkar ji’s contemporaries were of other thought, the people of that time were deep and high minded. Their differences were natural. He said, “The differences between Gandhiji and Savarkarji are well known. But the relationship between them was the same as that of the one who sacrificed everything. When Gandhi ji’s health had deteriorated, Savarkar ji had made a statement that the country needs a great man like Gandhi ji, so it is necessary for him to remain healthy.

Bhagwat said that Veer Savarkar used to express his opinion only after knowing the heart of any subject. He said, “Savarkar ji was a man of purely scientific logic. He said what he thought was appropriate, not worrying about what would happen to me after I spoke. He was a person who spoke against the superstitions of the society. Dr Ambedkar used to appreciate the work he did for social harmony in Ratnagiri. They also had good relations.”

Had Hindutva been proclaimed loudly, there might not have been Partition: Bhagwat

The Sangh chief said that people with small intellects spread condemnation about Veer Savarkar. He said that earlier when the word Hindutva was used, it did not seem that anything different was happening. There was no need to proclaim Hindutva, it was a sacrament. He said, “Hindutva of Savarkar ji, Hindutva of Vivekananda has become a fashion to say that Hindutva is one, it is already there and it will remain till the end. Seeing the situation, Savarkar ji considered it necessary to announce it loudly. After so many years, now when we look at the situation, it comes to mind that there was a need to speak louder then, if everyone would have spoken, there might not have been a division.

Akhand India is necessary for world building – Sangh chief

Bhagwat said, “I don’t know why we differentiate. Separation of worship is the tradition of our country. Separation of languages ​​is the tradition of our country. Even after separating all these things, we kept fighting for one country. We all are the sons of one Mother India. Which teaches the whole world to walk together. We all have a responsibility in the country, our mother India cannot be divided.

He said that Savarkar ji understood all these things. He said, “Look at Savarkar ji in real and read such books and get correct information to see that. Let all our people take a pledge to bring back the lost integrity. Let us stand with resolve and create ideal brotherhood in the society. Akhand Bharat is essential for world building.

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