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There is still a chance to cultivate garlic, these varieties will produce bumper, know all the important things

Farmers can get good income from garlic cultivation.

If you have not planted garlic yet, then there is no need to worry. You still have a chance to cultivate this crop. Garlic cultivation in India starts from August to the month of November. But in some areas it is planted even after November. There are more opportunities for profit in the advanced cultivation of garlic. It is a crop that is always in demand.

If you are also planning to cultivate garlic, then you can use these improved varieties. Farmers can choose from varieties like Bhai Godavari, Shweta and Bhima Omeri. Rajli Gadi G-451, Fawri, Selection-2 and Selection-10 varieties are also cultivated on a large scale. Apart from this, seeds have also been developed according to the region.

Important things for garlic cultivation

To cultivate garlic, the farmer brothers should first plow the field well two to three times. After that add a good amount of manure to it. Apply 100 kg nitrogen, 50 kg phosphorus, potash and sulphur in one hectare field. Do not put 100 kg of nitrogen in the field at once. Use 35 kg at the time of planting, 35 kg after 30 days and 30 kg per hectare after 45 days.

apply garlic like this

After preparing the field and applying manure, it is time to plant garlic. While planting garlic, row to row distance should be kept 15 cm. On the other hand, keeping the plant-to-plant distance of 10 cm, the yield is good, only after planting, the farmer brothers should make arrangements to control the hull. For this, spray them in the field by mixing 3.5 to 4 ml claim amount of Pendamethalin in one liter of water.

Used in these diseases

It is used in pickle, vegetable, chutney and as a spice. Garlic is also used for high blood pressure, stomach diseases, digestive problems, lung problems, cancer, arthritis, impotence and blood diseases. It is used in diseases due to its anti-bacterial and anti-cancer properties. In today’s time, garlic is not limited to spices only. Now all products including powder, paste and chips are being processed after processing, due to which farmers are getting more profit.

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