There is no toilet in this hut, yet people are ready to give 36 lakhs, know what is its specialty

इस झोपड़ी में नहीं है कोई टॉयलेट फिर भी 36 लाख देने को तैयार है लोग, जानिए क्या है इसकी खासियत

There is no toilet in this hut – know the specialty

Property is considered to be the best investment of money, because it is an investment that increases your profits over time. Most of you must have seen here that people buy plots and invest money by making property on it, but it is not so in foreign countries. In foreign countries, you will find mostly built houses on sale. These houses are sometimes known all over the world for strange reasons or for their price. In this episode, today we are going to tell you about Snowdonia of Wales, UK. For which you may have to spend a lot of money.

This house is no less than a paradise for tourists because here you can sit and enjoy the natural beauty of the lake and the mountain, but if you are thinking that this house will have a lot of space then this house is not for you. Actually, this house is very small according to the price because to buy this hut you will have to spend about 36 lakh rupees. Apart from this, there is no toilet facility inside this hut.

As soon as you enter inside it, you will find two sofas in the hall. Apart from this, a bedroom built right next to it will be found. Apart from this, you will also get a wall mounted cupboard and an armchair along with the hut. In this you will get a bed, but to say that too fordable means if you wake up after sleeping, then fold it. In this way, space is created in the bedroom.

The agent of this house, Bob Parry, told that if you want to buy this cottage, then you can submit the informal tenders to their Carnarphone office by 12 November. You will be surprised to know that despite this small hut and no arrangement of water and toilet inside, many people are showing interest in buying it. By the way, if you are also interested in buying this house, then you can also apply till November 12.

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