There are strange laws regarding undergarments in these countries, knowing which you will also be surprised.

इन देशों में अंडरगारमेंट्स को लेकर हैं अजीबोगरीब कानून, जिन्हें जानकर आपका भी सिर चकरा जाएगा

Weird Under Garments Rules: Many countries have strange laws regarding undergarments, knowing about which you will also be surprised. So do you know where, what are the rules?

Many countries have strange laws regarding wearing undergarments.

Every country has a different law system and there are many types of laws. There are such laws in many cities, which is quite strange according to India. Road rules also have different laws in every country, which may seem quite different to Indians. In many such countries, there are strange laws regarding wearing undergarments, knowing about which you will also be surprised. In such a situation, you know what are the laws around the world regarding undergarments, because if you go there then you may have to take care of these rules.

In such a situation, today we are telling you about the laws related to undergarments of some countries, which will be very interesting for you to know. Also, knowing about these laws, you will also say that why these laws have been made…

There is a place in America Minnesota. There is such a rule in this place, knowing that you will also be surprised. You will also know this by knowing what will happen by doing this. Actually, here male and female undergarments cannot be dried together on a wire or clothes dryer. Here it is considered illegal to dry the clothes of men and women together on a washing line.

There is a rule in Thailand, which forces you to wear underwear. That is, in Thailand, no person can go outside the house without wearing underwear and it is necessary to wear clothes outside the house. Therefore, whenever you go to Thailand, keep this thing in mind and not following the law can be heavy.

In the Spanish city of Seville, there is a lot of shame about undergarments. You must have heard that if you go out, your undergarments should not be visible, but here you cannot even wash and dry outside. That is, whenever you dry your undergarments, no one should be able to see it.

By the way, now many types of undergarments are available in the market. There is a special underwear for such women, whose name is Lacy Underwear. It is made of a mesh fabric and in a way, it is made of lace used on girls’ clothes. Wearing this underwear is prohibited in many countries.

– Several reports have stated that in some places in Japan, women are legally obliged to wear bras in buildings with air-conditioned. That is, they are required to wear a bra there.

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