Theft from SDM’s house in the posh area of ​​Dewas, the thieves left the letter, wrote – When there was no money, the collector did not have to lock

देवास के पॉश इलाके में SDM के घर से चोरी, चिट्ठी छोड़ गए चोर, लिखा- जब पैसे नहीं थे तो लॉक नहीं करना था कलेक्टर

Letter left by thieves.

Thieves clean their hands in people’s houses every day in Dewas. But this time the miscreants have raided the Civil Line area, the most possable area of ​​the city. All the top officials of the district live in this area. The thieves have targeted the SDM’s house this time. Not only the miscreants have challenged the police by breaking the lock of the government house of Deputy Collector Trilochan Gaur. Rather, the miscreants also wrote letters to the Deputy Collector on the way. In this letter, the miscreants wrote, “When you do not keep money in the house, then why do you lock the collector.”

The thief reached the government residence of Khategaon Deputy Collector Trilochan Gaur on Civil Lines to execute the crime. According to the information, the SDM did not go to his Dewas house for the last two weeks. He reached here on Saturday. When the SDM reached inside the house after opening the lock, he was blown away after seeing the situation there. He saw that the goods of the whole house were scattered. On closer inspection, it was found that some money and ornaments kept in the house were missing. After which he immediately called the police.

The miscreants left the letter

The police, who arrived after getting the information, also recovered a letter. In this, the thieves are giving advice to the SDM. From this, the courage of these miscreants can be gauged. However, since this incident in the posh area, no official is saying anything. Police has registered a case against unknown thieves in this case.

MP and senior officials have bungalow

Let us tell you that the house of Deputy Collector Trilochan Gaur is located in such a place, where the MP’s bungalow is adjacent. On the other hand, Dewas is the bungalow of SDM Pradeep Soni. The SP’s bungalow is also located just 100 meters away from his house. In such a situation, the incident in this area has shocked everyone. The miscreants who carried out the crime appear to be professionals, as they did not take any other items except cash and silver jewelery from the house.

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