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The world’s unique village is situated under thousands of feet of ground, know why adventure lovers come here to drag

unique village in the world

There are many such places in the world that most of us still do not know about. These places are known all over the world for their merits. In this episode, today we are going to tell you about a village which is not situated on the ground but inside the ground. This wonderful village is situated about three hundred and fifty feet below the surface of the ground. If it is called an underground village then it will not be wrong. The surprising thing is that the people of this village are leading a normal life even hundreds of feet below the ground.

The village we are talking about is located in America, which is known to the world as ‘Supai Village’. This is the only village in the whole of America, where even today it takes a long time to bring and carry letters. This ancient village, located in a deep gorge near Havasu Canyon, has a very small population.

Red Indians live here

It is said that only Red Indians, the original inhabitants of America, live here. The residents here have nothing to do with modernity. They have their own separate world where they live happily. The village is completely free from traffic noise. Mules and horses will be seen on the streets and trails of the village. This village may not have facilities like cities, but it has all the facilities to lead a happy life.

This village is no less than a paradise for those people. Due to this hobby, about 55 lakh people come to Arizona every year. However, the means of transportation here are very limited. To reach the village, one has to pass through the maze-like trenches, through the thick bushes. Every year about twenty thousand people come to the village to see the natural beauty and life here, but to reach here, all the tourists have to take the permission of the Tribal Council of Havasupai.

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