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The world’s most ‘weird’ disease, in which the patient’s way of speaking suddenly changes

The world’s most ‘weird’ disease

Such strange things often happen in the world, which are very difficult to believe. Now let’s look at a case in the US city of Los Angeles, where a woman was in a coma for two consecutive weeks and when she came out of the coma, her way of speaking had changed. This matter is of recent times only. The age of the woman is 24 years and her name is Summer Diaz. The surprising thing is that the woman had never been to New Zealand in her life, but despite this, she started speaking in a Kiwi accent as soon as she got up from the coma. According to reports, the woman has a strange disease, due to which her pronunciation suddenly changed.

The name of this disease is foreign accent syndrome. It is also known as Accent Change Syndrome. In this strange disease, the pronunciation of people suddenly changes. In such a situation, people are very surprised to hear the way of speaking of that patient, how is this possible.

Actually, usually the way of speaking and pronunciation of people of different countries is different. Like a person from America speaks English in a different way, while the way of speaking English of an Indian person is different. It takes months or years for people from both these places to learn to pronounce each other, but people with foreign accent syndrome can easily speak in another accent.

It is said that this is a rare syndrome, the first case of which was reported in the year 1907. According to reports, this disease can occur due to injury to Broca’s left side of the brain, because this part of the body helps in speech. When suddenly the flow of blood reaching the brain stops and the nerves of the brain burst, then this disease can occur.

The way of treatment of this disease is that if this has happened due to injury to the brain, then through surgery, the clot of the brain is prevented from accumulating in the brain, but if due to any other reason, it happens to people. , then speech therapy and counseling therapy are used for their treatment.

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