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The virus came under control due to the increase in corona vaccination, but still no less danger, even a mistake can be heavy

Corona Vaccination. (signal picture)

The country has completed the figure of 100 crore doses of corona vaccine. To combat the biggest epidemic in 100 years, now the whole country has a strong protective shield of 100 crore vaccine doses. There is a wave of happiness in the country due to so many vaccinations in a short time. Experts also say that the virus has come under control due to rapid vaccination in the country, but it is still necessary for people to follow the COVID protocol while being alert. Because the spread of corona has reduced, it is not over. This epidemic will progress towards end only when complete vaccination along with following the rules of prevention from COVID will also continue.

Dr Neeraj Nischal, Additional Professor, Department of Medicine, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi, says that the country has administered 100 crore doses of the vaccine in such a short time. This is a great achievement. The country is getting better with every new day due to the rapid vaccination. He said that we are in a better condition today than yesterday and the more vaccinations, the better the situation will become. The doctor said that till now 100 crore doses have been taken, from this we can assume that the risk of corona in these people has reduced. These people are in better condition than those who have not received a single dose at the moment.

Herd immunity being built in people against Corona

Doctor Neeraj says that due to vaccination, herd immunity is being created in people against corona. However, we have to keep in mind that corona is a global pandemic. In such a situation, we do not have to stop following the COVID protocol. Because the situation is getting better with vaccination, but the danger from corona has not been averted. People should celebrate festivals with patience and continue to follow the rules of prevention from Corona.

On the possibility of third wave in the country, Dr. Neeraj said that the situation prevails in the country at present. The probability of a third wave is less than that, although it cannot be said that the next wave will never come, but now the danger is much less than before. Regarding the booster dose of Corona, Dr. Neeraj said that first of all our target should be to vaccinate all the people. After this, the need for a booster dose will be seen in view of the medical studies. The booster dose should also be given first to those people who are at high risk.

Countries in better condition, risk of COVID is now less

Dr Jugal Kishore, chairman of the Department of Community Medicine of Safdarjung Hospital, said that due to the rapid vaccination and about 80 percent of the population getting infected, now the danger of corona in the country has been averted. He said that now the possibility of the next wave coming is negligible. Because 80 percent of the people who have got COVID, now there is no possibility of infection again. In such a situation, even if a new variant of Corona comes, it will infect only 20 percent of the people. That won’t make much difference.

The opinion of Dr. Kishore is exactly like that of Dr. Neeraj regarding the adherence to the COVID protocol. Doctor Kishore also says that even though the situation is much better, but the rules of prevention from COVID will have to be continued. Regarding the booster dose, Dr Kishor said that if no dangerous variant of corona comes in the world or country, then booster dose will not be required, but if any dangerous variant comes then booster dose will be required. Although it is not needed at the moment

There is still a long war against Corona

AIIMS senior doctor Dr Amarinder Singh Malhi says that 100 crore people in the country have got the vaccine. Which is commendable, but it also has to be kept in mind that till all the people do not get both the doses, the war against this epidemic will continue. Because this virus can change its form at any time. It is not known when it will spread to which area. That’s why people still have to continue the war against the virus.

Dr Sanjay Gogia, Director, Department of Medicine, Fortis Hospital, says that it is very good that India has crossed 100 crore vaccinations and it is more reassuring that the number of COVID cases is now decreasing and secondarily The wave is decreasing now, but to say that the worst is over is not fair because we have seen other countries have more than two waves.

Presently almost everyone in India is enjoying a period when there are festivals and possible gatherings. This is an important stage as the virus can spread again. Despite a massive vaccination campaign, we have to understand that changes in the virus are common. So we have to be vigilant and strictly follow the rules of COVID-K till we achieve 100% coverage of the second dose of vaccine.

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