“The schools which have more female staff, there are more fights too”, said Rajasthan Education Minister

जिन स्कूलों में महिला स्टाफ ज्यादा होता है, वहां पर झगड़े भी ज्यादा होते हैं, बोले राजस्थान के शिक्षा मंत्री

Rajasthan Minister of State for Education Govind Singh Dotasara (File photo)

Rajasthan’s Minister of State for Education and PCC Chief Govind Singh Dotasara has given a controversial statement regarding women teachers (Controversial Statement on Women Teachers). Which is now being widely condemned. Speaking at an event, Dotasara said that in schools where there are more women staff, there are more fights. Such situations should be improved.

Speaking at an event organized on International Day of Girl Child Day in Jaipur on Monday, Dotasara said, “As the head of my department, I must state that schools with more female staff are in schools due to various reasons. There are more fights.” He continued, “If you rectify these little things, you will always find yourself ahead of men.” Dotasara had also advocated for reservation for women in the assembly elections during this period.

The former chairperson of the State Women’s Commission condemned the statement

The Minister of State for Education is getting surrounded by his statement. Suman Sharma, former chairman of the State Women’s Commission, condemned the statement and called Dotasara a foolish minister. Suman Sharma issued a statement on Tuesday saying that he feels pity for the intelligence of the Education Minister. How can a person make such statements while holding a ministerial post? The statement of the Minister of State for Education should be condemned.

The post of State Women’s Commission President is lying vacant

Suman Sharma said that the culture of Congress has been corrupted. Humiliating women has become the culture of Congress. There is a vacant post of State Commission for Women, which the government has not been able to fill so far. Sharma said that this statement of Govind Singh Dotasara should be condemned. He should also apologize to the women for his statement.

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