The plane was flying with a wedding proposal banner, suddenly this dangerous accident happened in the air

शादी के प्रपोजल वाला बैनर लेकर उड़ रहा था विमान, अचानक से हवा में घट गया ये खतरनाक हादसा

The plane was flying with a wedding proposal banner

Often people wish to propose their sweetheart in a special way for marriage. In this affair, many people do something that can cost their lives. Recently such a dangerous accident happened, about which you will also be surprised to hear about it.

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Everyone knows that nothing can be more beautiful in the world than love. But the expression of love is also amazing, which cannot be forgotten even if it is forgotten. In such a situation, every person wants that he proposes his sweetheart in a special way and these people do something different in this affair. People propose marriage in many ways. To make this occasion memorable, lovers often try to do something big so that they can remember this day for the rest of their lives.

According to a report, a case has come to light from Canada where a plane crashed which was flying with a wedding proposal banner. Actually, ‘Will you mary me’ was written in this banner of the plane. One died in this accident while one person was seriously injured. Giving information, the Transportation Safety Board of Canada said that this plane was flying with a banner. When the plane was in the air, there was a problem with its engine.

Due to which the plane became a victim of the accident. When it was falling, the sound was coming very loud and the flames were also visible fast. One passenger died in this accident, while the pilot was badly injured. This small plane was flying with a banner. The banner was waving outside the plane, in which the marriage proposal was written. The pilot has been identified as the owner of an advertising agency.

Two investigators were sent to the scene to find out the cause of the accident. who are investigating the incident. There were only two people on board the plane when the accident happened. One of whom died, while the other is being treated in the hospital. Although the scope of such accidents is very less, but sometimes the fate of a person betrays him.

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