The pain of a person spilled on being single, wrote a letter to the MLA saying- ‘Give me a girlfriend’

सिंगल होने पर छलका शख्स का दर्द, विधायक को चिठ्ठी लिख कहा- 'मुझे गर्लफ्रेंड दिलाओ'

If you are living a single life, then surely you must be missing some partner at some point or the other. A man got so upset by being alone that he got fed up and wrote a letter to the MLA, in which he wrote that get me a girlfriend.

Now this letter is being discussed fiercely.

Often people go to the influential people of their place to solve any of their problems. Where he pleads that a solution should be found to his problem as soon as possible. As people go to the leader of their area about their area and surrounding problems. But a young man made such a strange request to the MLA of his area. Anyone will be surprised to hear that.

According to a report, a young man demanded from the MLA to get a girlfriend. This person also wrote a letter to convey his demand to the MLA. Now this letter is becoming a topic of discussion everywhere. This letter has been written in the name of Congress MLA Subhash Dhote and the name of the young man who wrote it is Bhushan Jamuwant. Although this letter has been written in Marathi, but now its Hindi translation is also becoming fiercely viral.

In the letter, it has been written on behalf of the young man, there is a lot of girls in the entire tehsil but then they do not have any girlfriend. This is a matter of concern, because of this my self-confidence has become weak, I travel from Rajura to Gadchandur in rural area, still not a single girl meets me. It is further written, My heart burns on seeing the girlfriends of liquor sellers and people with filthy appearance.

That’s why I request you that the girls of your constituency should be encouraged so that they can give attention to boys like us too. However, when the matter was talked to MLA Subhash Dhote, he has said that he has not received any such letter. But he has definitely seen this letter on his WhatsApp. The MLA said, now who is this person, nothing is known about where he lives. He said, ‘At present this youth is being searched and after meeting him, efforts will be made to help the youth.

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