The nun was dancing with the skeleton in the cemetery! Everyone got scared seeing the scary scene

कब्रिस्तान में कंकाल के साथ डांस कर रही थी नन! खौफनाक मंजर देख सहम गया हर कोई

This strange incident is from Hull City of UK. Where a person passing near the cemetery captured the picture of the nun dancing with the skeleton in his camera.

This strange incident has happened in Hull City, UK.

On hearing the name of the cremation ground or graveyard, fear enters in everyone’s mind. But if someone is asked to go there at night, then the poor person might die of fear. Imagine that you are passing by a cemetery and there is someone dancing with a skeleton, what would you feel. Obviously, seeing such a scene of yours will worsen someone’s condition. A similar sight was seen in Hull City, UK, that too in broad daylight. Here passersby saw a nun dancing and playing with the skeleton in the cemetery.

According to media reports, this strange incident was captured in his camera by a person passing near the cemetery. In the picture, a woman in the guise of a nun is seen standing with the hellfire. It is being told that this scene was not seen by any one person, but by many people passing through there.

In the picture, the nun is seen swinging happily with the male skeleton. This incident is near Hull General Cemetery. Where the vehicles passing through there also stopped for a while to see this sight. During this, everyone was surprised to see the nun carelessly playing and swinging with the skeletons. The woman was dressed like a nun. Apart from this, a scarf was also worn on the head. Whoever saw this sight was shocked. People found this very strange phenomenon.

According to reports, many people have also shot a video of this incident. Everyone is reacting to it in their own way. However, no one is able to tell anything properly on the matter.

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