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The groom danced with the dancer in the orchestra, and the bride got agitated, refused seven rounds just before the wedding, the procession returned with a bang

The procession had to return after the bride refused to marry.

In a village under Myorpur police station of Sonbhadra district, the bride refused to marry on the stage itself. The elders also kept busy in resolving the matter by doing Panchayat but the matter did not work out, after which the groom reached the police station.

Sonbhadra (Uttar Pradesh)Sonbhadra) A procession came in a village under Mayorpur police station of the district, there was an atmosphere of laughter, dancing and singing was also going on. Along with the orchestra had also come, where the groom’s dance with the dancer on the stage in the orchestra, after the door of four, was so disheartening to the bride that she refused to marry (Bride Called of Wedding, This move of the bride caused a stir, the period of maal-manuval also started, but the matter did not work out. The matter reached the police station and the efforts of the police also failed, the procession finally returned to Bairang.

In fact, a procession had come from a nearby village on Monday night in a village of Myorpur police station area, where the orchestra was brought along by the processions. After the wedding ceremony and catering, people were dancing to the tune of the orchestra, in the meantime the bridegroom also reached there, climbing on the stage, both the dancer and the groom were dancing together, as soon as the bride came to know about it, she became furious and she He flatly refused to marry. The matter spread like fire when the bride refused to marry, as soon as the information was received, there was a stir in the house and the bridegroom, the elders of both the parties wanted to sit and talk but the bride was not ready.

If the matter was not made, then the bridegroom reached the police station.

Seeing things not working, the groom went to the police station, the police also called the girl’s side. Even after hours, there was no solution to the matter, all night there was a ruckus and the Panchayat’s round continued, the police tried but the matter did not work out. The bride, who was determined not to marry here, had refused to get married, where the procession returned unharmed. It is also discussed that the bride had a strong objection to dancing with the dancer on the orchestra’s stage, the bride objected to the groom’s antics and flatly refused to take seven rounds with such a groom. Here the elders of the village were also engaged in solving this panchayat all night.

Police made a settlement between both the parties

The family members made a lot of effort from both sides of the bride and groom, but the dancer had knocked in the eyes of the bride, finally she could not leave, and she refused to take seven rounds with the groom. In the morning, the police made a settlement between both the parties and sent both of them away from the police station. Here the procession also returned colorless without the bride. incident. Discussions continued throughout the day in the area.

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