The government started this special scheme, give yellow bulbs and take LEDs… the price is only this much rupees

सरकार ने शुरू की यह खास स्कीम, पीला बल्ब दो और LED लो... कीमत मात्र इतने रुपये

Led Bulb’s special scheme started in Bihar

A new campaign has been started for saving electricity in Bihar. This scheme has been started by the Ministry of Power of the Central Government. Under this scheme, LED bulbs will be given for the yellow bulb used earlier. Its price has also been kept very low so that the people of the poor class can take advantage of the scheme.

Yellow bulbs use more electricity and the life of such bulbs is also not very long. Soon these bulbs also fuse. Therefore, to save electricity consumption and bills, the government has started this scheme in Bihar. Under this, new LED bulbs can be taken by giving yellow bulbs. Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), an organization working under the Union Ministry of Power, is running this campaign. Under this scheme, LED bulbs have been given in Bihar in lieu of 16 lakh yellow bulbs so far.

Energy Minister launched the scheme

This scheme was inaugurated from Bhojpur district of Bihar. Union Energy Minister Rajkumar Singh comes from this region. Therefore, first of all, the scheme of swapping bulbs has been started in Bhojpur area itself. Union Minister Rajkumar Singh had inaugurated this scheme from Bhojpur district in March this year. Initially, the central government’s plan was to replace 50 lakh yellow bulbs with LEDs. But when the scheme was started, it was found that yellow bulb is used on a large scale in Bihar, which increases the consumption of energy. To avoid this, the central government has approved the plan to give LED bulbs instead of 1 crore yellow bulbs.

Currently running in these districts

At present this scheme is being run in Bhojpur district, after which it will be started in Patna, Buxar, Bhabua, Sasaram, Aurangabad, Banka, Begusarai and Chhapra. Now preparations are on to start this campaign in Vaishali and Darbhanga soon. Under this scheme, the old filament bulbs of 60 watts and 100 watts will be replaced with LED bulbs of 7 watts and 12 watts. To replace yellow bulb with LED bulb, people will need to pay only Rs 10 per bulb. If this LED bulb goes to retail in the market, then the price of one comes around 80 to 100 rupees. But the government is giving it only for 10 rupees.

LED in just 10 rupees

Under this campaign, camps are organized at different places through EESL where people can deposit their old yellow bulb and get new LED. For every yellow bulb, Rs 10 will have to be paid and an LED bulb will be available at the same rate. The cost of a yellow bulb is low, even one comes for 10-20 rupees, but its electricity bill is very high. The wattage of this bulb is also high. The higher the wattage, the higher the electricity bill. A 100 watt yellow bulb consumes approximately the same amount of power as 10 LED bulbs. Therefore, by replacing the yellow bulb with LED bulb, people will save electricity and their electricity bill will also come down.

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