The editor of Wikipedia became a woodworker, told the love for Hindi the reason for the big change

लकड़ी का काम करते हुए बना विकिपीडिया का संपादक, हिंदी के लिए प्यार को बताया बड़े बदलाव की वजह

The success story of Raju Jangir, a carpenter turned editor of Wikipedia, inspires millions. He completed his studies writing on many subjects in Hindi.

Raju Jagir

Among the many success stories, the story of a boy who works as a woodworker (Carpenter) Wikipedia (Wikipedia), inspiring millions of people. A boy who dropped out of school in class 10 and worked as a carpenter to support his family, today became the editor of Wikipedia simply because of his love for Hindi and Bollywood films. Humans of Bombay, shared the inspiring story of the man on Hindi Divas, OK.

Carpenter-turned-wikipedia editor Raju Jangir’s favorite subject was Hindi. He wanted to make a career in writing. According to Jangir, he worked till 9 pm every day and earned Rs 7,000 a month to support his family. But the thought of doing this work for the rest of his life made him sad. Once, Raju saw a Bollywood movie and started reading about it. He took his sister-in-law’s phone and started searching on Wikipedia. Every time he searched for a topic or people, most of the Wikipedia page on Google would open. But Raju could not read English and wondered why online encyclopedias are not available in Hindi, while most of them speak Hindi.

Raju started writing on many subjects in Hindi

Raju Jangir said, “I thought I should write. I wrote about my village and with each story, my reach expanded to people who were more comfortable with Hindi. I also started editing wiki pages. Seeing my words published online made me want to write more.” Gradually, Raju Jangir started writing on many subjects in Hindi including history and cricket, which helped him to educate himself. As Jangir’s monthly income increased, he used to save some amount to resume his high school education. He continued to write even after passing the board exams and made friends with many online editors.

wikipedia gave laptop and free internet connection

When Wikipedia came to know about Raju’s challenges, he gave the laptop and free internet connection to Raju. Raju told that Wikipedia also took care of his graduation studies. Eventually he decided to quit carpentry and got a job as a writer in 2017. Raju Jangir has made at least 57,000 edits on Wikipedia so far. He says that whenever I advise writers to contribute their work in Hindi, I always say, ‘If someone forgets his mother tongue, its value will also be forgotten.’

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