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The death rate due to corona infection in the country increased by 121 percent, the Ministry of Health expressed concern over the low testing by writing a letter to 13 states

66 students of Medical College in Dharwad, Karnataka have been found corona infected. The worrying thing is that all of them were fully vaccinated. (File Photo)

Now worry about corona infection. The virus, which seemed to be breathless, is now seen to be increasing once again. The death rate due to corona infection has increased by 121 percent within 9 days in the country. Meanwhile, the Union Health Ministry (Union Health Ministry) Wrote a letter to 13 states expressing concern over low testing. On the other hand, 66 students of Medical College in Dharwad, Karnataka have been found corona infected. The worrying thing is that all of them were fully vaccinated, meaning they had taken both doses of the vaccine.

The worrying news also came from Uttarakhand, where 11 IFS officers have been found positive at the Forest Research Institute in Dehradun. Lockdown has returned in Dehradun due to Corona explosion. The lockdown has knocked in the Tibetan Sahastradhara Road Kulhan area. Lockdown has been imposed in Dehradun by declaring G-2 B-19 Tibetan Colony Decline as Micro Containment Zone.

The chain of people who died of corona did not stop around the world

Overall, this is a warning, not to be careless. The number of people who died of coronavirus around the world is not stopping. It seems that death race is going on in many countries of the world. Every second and every minute, this pandemic seems to be out of control. The most shocking figures have come from Europe, where the wheel of development never stopped, today the death meter is running faster than stopping.

In the rest of the world, where there is an emphasis on vaccinating the entire population as soon as possible, adopting preventive measures and increasing precaution, but in Austria the opposite is true. Here people are not protecting from corona, but are deliberately buying corona infection. This scary revelation came when a 55-year-old man died of corona infection last week.

When the chain of infection was traced, it was found that the person who died had intentionally gone to a party where one or two infected people were already involved. He knew this very well and the purpose of his going to the party was also to get corona infected. Everyone was stunned by this incident of putting their lives at stake, because Austria is the country which is moaning due to the fierce wave of Corona.

In Austria, more than 1 lakh 95 thousand people were hit by Corona

So far more than 1 lakh 95 thousand people have been hit by corona in this country with a population of 91 lakhs. On an average, 14 to 15 thousand cases are coming every day and due to which the lockdown has to be imposed once again, but in such a situation, there was a panic due to the desire of a person to get infected intentionally. Questions arose as to why he chose to go to the party and get infected instead of following the COVID protocol and vaccination. The answer given to this question stunned everyone.

It was found that such parties have increased in Austria, in which one or more corona infected are involved and other healthy people come to that party to get infected. Many people also go with their children so that they too get infected. The infected are forcefully embraced in the party. Eating and drinking is also done with the infected person, but now the question is whether such a party is just a whim of some people or is the reason something else.

The biggest reason for the hesitation about the vaccine and the green pass

The answer is that there are two reasons behind getting yourself infected. One is hesitation about the vaccine and the other is Green Pass. In fact, green pass has been made mandatory for every person working in private or public sector in Austria. If green is not passed then work will be stopped. Green pass is available only when you have either received both doses of the vaccine or have recovered after corona infection and have formed antibodies.

Now people in Austria are shying away from getting the vaccine to such an extent that instead of the vaccine, they chose the dangerous option of making antibodies by infecting themselves so that they can get the green pass. This cycle of craze was going on not for a few days, but for several weeks, and now the whole of Austria has to pay its price.

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